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ARK Theatre
Mt Evelyn



Athenaeum Theatre Lilydale

Bookings: 61 3 9735 1777
Office hours Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10am - 2pm.


2023 Season

Family Values

A celebrated federal judge. His son, a born-again Christian. His daughter, a Border Frce officer. Her [artner, the captain pf a border Force ship/. His pther daughter, a left-wing anctivist. His wife, who has worked all her life to keep the family together. Saba, an asylum seeker on the run from Naura.
On the eve of his borthday, is it too much to expect his wife and three children to celebrate with him?
Season: February 9 - 25. 2023.

Barefoot in the Park

Paul Bratterm a conservative lawyer, marries the vivacious orie, but their highly passionate relationship descends into comical discird in a five-flight New York walk up apartment contending with a lack of heating, a leaking roof, several; long flightrs of stairs, the oddball neighbour, the telephone repairman and Corie's we;;-meaning mother.
Season: April 20 - May 6. 2023


A thriller by Joanna Murray-Smith

Somewhere in the Swiss Alps, grande dame of crime literature Paula Highsmith lives with an impressive collection of books, ans a somewhat siniser collection of guns and knives. She finds solace in her solitude, her cats and cigarettes. But when amysterious international visitor arrives at her perfectly secluded home, her love of fictional murders becoes a dangerous reality.
Season: June 29 - July 15., 2023,

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ( abridged) (revised) (again)

A comedy by Adam Long, Daiel Snger and Jess Winfeield

The show features three overachievers attempting to perform all 37 of Shakespeare's plays in 97 minutes. Fast-paced, witty, and physical., it's an evening (or afrternoon) of laughter for Shkespeare lovers and haters alike.
Season: September 7 - 23. 2023.

Fracked! Or Please don't use the F-word

A black comedy by Aistair Beaton

Hpw would you feel about sitting in front of that nice old village pub on a sunny afternoon whilw convoys of 40-ton tankers roll past six feet away? Deerland Energy's plans to drill for shale gas in the pretty villageof Fenstock are going well. The company is looking at big profits with scientists and Coucillors open to lucrative offers. The only snag is a ragged band of protestors, headed by just another 'mad old biddy', Elizabeth Blerackwood.
Season: Novmember 16 - December 2. 2023.





The Bakery

Bookings: 61 3 9758 3964

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The Basin

Bookings: 1300t784 668


Two and Two Together

Rachel's husband Victor never suspects that she is keeping an assignation with a young man in the house of her good friend Georgina.
Why should he? He has other things on his mind - in the shape of the said Georgina, who he has meeting secretly while her husband Henry an actor is safely pccupied in the theatre.
But Henry reurns home unexpectedly and the two couples are forced tinto a riotous whirlwind of lies and misunderstanings.
Season: February 22 - March 5. 2023.



Beaumaris Theatre
Bookings: 61 3 9583 6896


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Brighton Theatre Company
Bookings: 1300 752 126



The CPP Community Theatre
Bookings: 0447
014 584 between 1pm & 3pm.

Sense and Sensibility

CPP Conmunity Theatre sends itsd congratulations to the cast of Sense and Sensiblity and the company's thanks to all who auditioned.
The Compnay are exsited to be presenting Sense and Sensiblity adapted by Kate Hamill and based on the novel by Jane Austin.
The performance season os April 14 - 22./ 2023.

As you might know CPP Community Theatre is an amateur theatre group, volunteer-run, not-for-profit community group, and the orchestras are historically unpaid and participate fr the love of the group and the craft. The Company understands that stepping in for one show is a big ask, but they would love t find someone who’s keen enough to do so for the sake of supporting the CPP Community theatre.
If you or someone you know is interested please email Cassie Quinlan ASAP
 Click here


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Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd. Doncaster






Eltham Little Theatre

Bookings: 0411 713 095


Theatre Sports


Run like Whose Line Is It Anyway we wish to invite performers the opportunity to put forward a tam of four to compete against other teams.
The winning team would win the ultimate bragging rights,
For the event to go ahead we would need a minimum of 20 performers.
We wish to make this an annual event.
Audiences of all our theatre companies look forward to each year.
Deadline for registration is Friday January 27. 2023.

register your interest in participating below. Make up a team of 4 or register as an individual and be matched up. Some experience in improvisation isrequired.

Theatre Games

Join ELT or a Season of Theatre Games in Febrary and March. & click on Book as below.

Theatre sports inprov competition Februay 11. Book Theatre Sports Competition

A Play in a Day (or two) February 24 & 25. Book Play in a Day

Theatre Trivia? March 10. Book Trivia and LIve Music Evening

Wanted Directors

Volunteer Popsitions: Experienced and emerging directors for 2024 or 2025 seasons.
email for an expression of Interest form
If you are interested in being considered as a director for 2024 or 2025. You are invited to nominate one, two or three plays for consideration, and to provide some basic informnation abou your proposal and about your expected availability. This invitation includes our Youth Production submissions.
ELT will be anouncing their new Play Selection Committee Convenor in the New Year. Howeverm ELT aims o develop its 2024 playbillm and to do at least preiliminary planning for 2025 by mid-2024. If you wish to be considered in the planning please return the Expression of Interest to ELT no later than January 31. 2023.
Please email (click on email) and request an expression of interest form. Should you have potential scripts available please forward those with your expression of interest form.
Return if Interset form does not commit you in any way. After forms are received ELT will contact potential directors as requested for more detailed discussions. A reply email expressing you are interested without completing a form, will not be considered aq genuine submission.



Behind the Scenes

As we all understandm life can get in the way of any and all plans.
The production teaam for Get Smart find themselves in need of extra vack stage crew for Eltham Little Theatre's final season for 2022.
aAny level of experience welcome. However, you do need to be able to tandemlift/move larger pieces of set with others. We have tech this Sunday November 5 and shows from November 11 - 26. 2022. 10 shows in full.
If you are interested please contact Bella Preston/ Luisa Romeo via (click on same)
Just to reterate, this is all unpaid voulunteering and you will need to join ELT if not already a 2022 finance member.

Almost Maine

ELT is seeking a director for the critically acclaimed play to be performed in September 2023. If you think this could be you, please email (click on email adress) with your expression of interest, any relevant information or a request for a copy of the script.



EEssendon Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 3 9330 4808




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1812 Theatre

Inquiries 61 3 9758 3964


























2023 Season


Confusions consosts of a series of five interconnected one-ast plays. MNother Figure, Drinking Companion, Between Mouthfuls, gosforth;s Fete, and A Talk in the Park. First staged in 1976, the scenes are all loosely linked by characters or locations, but more subtly through the comon, underlying themes of obsession, isolation, and human desire for companionshup.
Ayckbourn shows his comedic ganius with five stories that runs the gamut of comic technique from situation comedy to outright farce.
Season: February 9 - March 4. 2023.

The Shoe-horn Sonata.

IAin 1945 Sheila and Bridie were freed from a Japanese POW camp. Now after a half-century separation, the filming of aTV documentary forces them to relive the past. Women into their 50 years of separation are a shoe-horn and the threads of loyalty and love, which form their uncommon bond.
Seaso: March 23 - April 22. 2023

\Waiting for God

Based on the BBC comedy.

All your favourite characters from the original series are reimagined for the stage, facing the challenges that come with growing old disgracefully in the era of the silver surface.
at Bayview Retirement Village, battle-axe extraordinaire Diana Transpires with new residents Tom Ballard to give the conniving manager his comeuppance threough an hiarious plot with unexpectedly heart-warming results.
Season:" May 18 - June 10. 2023.

Lord of the Flies

At the dawn of the world war, a plane crashes on an uncharted island, stranding a group of schoolboys. At first, with no adult supervision, their freedom is something to celebrate, this far from civilisation the boys can do anything they want. Anu=ything. they attemot forge their own society, failin, however, in the face of terror, sin and evil. And as order collapses, as strange howls echo in the night, as terror begins to raign, the hope of adventure seems as far from reality as the hope of being rescued.
Lord of the Flies is a memorale portrayal of the end of innocence, and the darkness of man's heart.
June 27 - July 6. 2023

Picnic at Hanging Rock

In Tom Wright's chilling adaptation of Joan Lindsay's classic novel, fove performers struggle to solve the mystery of the missing gorls and their teacher. Euphoria and terror reverberate throughout the community, as the potential for lost history to repeat itself becomes a nightmarishly real.|
Season: August 3 - 26. 2023.

Of Mice and Men

Based on the classic novel written by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men tells the story of two great freinds and their struggle to live the American dream. George and Lennie have been travelling together from ranch to ranch for years, wirking hard to make ends meet and sve enough for a place of their own. The two are polar opposites: George is intelligent, quck and smaoo, while Lennie is slow-minded, childlike and giant. Though they are differnt , they care deeply aout each other. They have been dreaming for years to save enough fir a little land of their own and when they are both hired to a new job they believe that they may finally achieve their gaol. But ! trouble begind to brew when one if the bosses' wife becomes too intersted in the infatuated Lennie.
Tragic, yet beautiful, Of Mice and Men is an extremeky popular play that has become a staple of American theatre.
SeasonL October 5 - 28. 2023


Serge buys an expensive painting- white lines on a white canvas. To Marc, the painting is a joke. Yvan is on the fence. Battle lines are drawn, and the trio use the "art" to settle scores and pudh their 15 year old friendship to the limit.
A Tony Award winner for Best Play and an Oliver Award winner for best Comedy.
Season: November 16 - December 10. 2023.

Additional Events

The 1812 Theatre holds a variety of short season events throughout the year. Refer to the website for event details and dates.

Spoken Word Intimate evenings featuring works by local poes & actors.
Live Music Sessions.
The Sounds of Silence -
Buster Keaton in The Cameraman. Live band accompanying silent classics to recreate the silent movie experience from the 1920s.
Board Shorts 29023 - Short Play Festival - A program of short plays featuring works from talented local playwrights.
Short Shorts presented by Centrestage Youth Theatre. Short plays featuring the talents of young writers and directors.



The production of a play at the 1812 Theatre involves far more people than just the actors on the stage. For example we need set builders, backstage crew, backstage management, costume making, front of house helpers, technical crew/bio box/lighting and sound technicians.

All these functions are provicec by a small army of volunteers.

It is an extremely rewarding experience, it builds lifelong friendships. It enables them to utilise existing skills as well as develop new ones. They have a lot of fun and laughs and enjpy 7being part of a production which they are proud of and which brings enjoyment to the many people who attend the performances.

Whether it's a barbie in our backyard area, movie nights or other get togethers, we realise our volunteers are our lifeblood and a pretty social bunch too.

If you are aged between 14 and 80 and this sounds like something that you may be interested in doing, please read on to find out what is involved behind the scenes.

No production is complete without the set on the stage. Thr building of the set involves design, painting, carpentary, furniture restoration and electrical work. This could range from hanging a picture to building a staircase.

Experienced chippies. electicians, artists, designers are always welcome along with people who are eager to learn ad willing to get their hands a bit grubby.

While the sets are being built the costumes designed and made. Working with the director this involves machine and hand sewing and fitting of outfits on the actors.


This involves the changes made to the sets on stage during the live performances. This could range from providing an empty cup to an actor at a critical time before thay go on stage to changes between acts while the lights are down.

If you can tip toe in the darkness and enjoy the adrenalin rush of being involved in a live performance, without being an actor on stage, this is for you.

The face of 1812, you could be the lovely lady or gent greeting our patrons at the door, guiding them to their seats and making sure the audience refreshments between the acts and after the performance are ready to go when needed.

At the end of the evening you get a chance to mingle with the actors, director,and other behind scenes volunteers.

The designers choreograph the lighting and sound as part of the preproduction of the play. The technical crew and bio box operate the soud and lighting during each performances. You may be working with special effects?
With a wide range of lighting and sound equipment available, working in time with actors on stage, its a great experience to be the one bringing the stage alive with massive claps of lighting and rumbling thunder or the soft chirpd in a lush foredt dcene.

Whether you experienced or simply full of enthusiasm and ready to learn, thios may be for you.

STILL INTERSTED RING 1812 on 9758 3964 or email


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Encore Theatre

Bookings: 1300 739 099




Behind the Scenes

Encire Theatre needs you in 2022 to help the company survive.

Do you have a retired friend or family member looking fir a fun way to meet new people and give back to the community?

Encore Theatre is in desperate need of volunteers to join our set-bulding team. Without them, we may need to cease production, No expreience necessary. Any handyman skills A plus.
To volunteer contact Encore Theatre on 1300 739 099 or



Frankston Theatre Group
Bookings: 1300 665 377


The Hartwell Players
Bookings: 61 3 9889 5006




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Heidelberg Theatre Company
Bookings: 9457 4117


2023 Season

The Ladykillers

A classic comedy set in 1950s London. Posing as amateur musicians, Professor Marcus and his gang rent a 'rehearsal room' in the lopsided house of sweet but strict Mrs Wiberforce. But, when Mrs Wilberforce becomes wise to their chicanerym Marcus decides there is nly one way to keep the old lady quiet. With only her parrot, Genertal Gordon, to help her, Mrs Wilbwerforce is alone with five desparate men. Who will be fprced to face the music?
Season: February 17 - March 4. 2023

Molly Sweeney

Set in 1990s Bakkybeg, County Donegal, the play explores the relationship between blind Molly Sweeney, her husband Frank and her opthalmologist Mr rice, who performs a successful operation to restore Molly's sight. The play is related as shards of memory from each of the characters who recall the operation and ther framatic impact Molly'a sightedness had on all of them. While the two mmen believe the gift of sight would be nothing short of a miracle, Molly finds yer new world threatening and overwhelming and withdraws from ot.
Season: April 21 - May 6, 20923

My OLd Lady

New Yorker Mathias is middle-aged, broke and happy. His recently-deceased, estranged father has left him an apartment in Parism which Mathias intends to sell as quickly as possible. On arrivalm he is suprised and bewildered to find the apartment occupied by an elderly lady and her fierce and feisty daughter, what;s more, an arcane French law decrees that they are entitled to it "en viager", lifetime habitation!
In the course of just one week, what starts as a bitter confrontation develops into a deeply moving exploration of culture, different family values and dignity.
Season: JUne 30 - July 15. 2023


Cosi is set in a psychiatric institution in Melbourne in 1971m during the changing social climate caused mainly by the war in vietnam. Lewis has recently left Uni and faces the challenge of directing the Mozart opera Cosi Fan Tutte staqged in a burnt-out theatre with the patients as cast members. Initially hesitant, he becomes emotionally involved with his patients-cum-actors as his operatic production lurches forward and anti-war protests rage outside. illed with an over-enthusiastic cast, who can't sing, act or speak Italian, what could possibly go wrong.
Season: Septenber 8 - September 23. 2023

Ladies in Black

Recent high school graduate Lisa Miles has an ambition to attend university, against her father's wishes, but meanwhile takes a holiday job at Goodes. the most pretigious department store in 1950s Sydney. Here is a world of new possibilities awaits her as she makes friends with the ladies who work in the women;s frock department.
Season: November 17 - Decemer 2. 2023.

HTC Youth: Grimmish - a fractured fairy tale

Come one and all and join Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf m, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstilskin and a host of characters in this madcap romp inspired by the owrks of the wonderful Brothers Grimm.
Seaon: december 2023.




Malvern Theatre

Bookings: 1300 131 552


Ladies Day

Life is one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome. Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda. but their fortunes are set to change when they head for Ladies Day at the races. Factory hairnets make way for fascinators so the four friends hit the track for an unforgettable day out. Secrets are spilled with the champagne and friendships are tested to the limit. Personal lives and relationships are unveiled in both humorous and somewhat more serious interactiona.
Yet as the day unfolds and tempers fray, theur accumulatir bet keeps quietly winning, if their luck and their nerves hold, the ladies could hit the jackpot - and more besides.
Season: February 17 - March 4. 2023.

Death Trap

Comfortably ensconsed in his charming Connecticut home, Sudney Bruhl,. a successful writer of Broasway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a dry spell, which has resulted in a string of failures and a shortage of funds. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a student in the seminar he has been conducting at a nearby college, a thriller that Sidney recognises immediately as a potential Broadway smash hit. Sidney's plan, devised with hes wiffe's help, is to offer colaboration to the student for co-credit. Ot is it?
|Season: April 21 - May 6. 2023

The Whales of August

A sensitive and gently humorous study of two eldery widowed sisters who are living together in a beach house on an island of the Maine coaast, and pass their days watching whales from the porc and reconciling their complicated relationship. The older sister, Libby, has grown increasingly reclusive and irritable, as she progressively loses each of her senses and is being taken care of by her younger sister, sarah, who feeels obliged to repay the debt which was incurred when their mother died and the older sister assumed maternal responsibilities. They came to decisions, which for them are both momentous and filled woth the bittersweet recognition that life, despite the alterarations of tomem must continue as best it ca.;
Season: JKune 28 July 8. 2023,

The Third Act

Sue's dughter is getting married. While the bride to-be brims over with excitement, Sue grits her teeth and wonders how she will endure it. The wedding will force her to come to terms with her own, very different circumstances, the end of her long marriage, her estranged husband and his new partner, and questions she has tried very hard to ignore. As pressure buildsm the armnour she has carfully constructed arouihnd herself is threatened. She is forced to a reckoining with famiily,m her oldest friend and even the past in theform of an old flame with an agenda of his own.Can she find the strength to face a very different future from the one she imagined?
Season: August 25 - September 9. 2023.

Absurd Person Singular

This is one of Ayckbourne's most often-performed plays: a comedy that follows the changing fortunes of three married couples. We visit the homes of each of the couples on successive Christmas Eves, where we experience all kinds of domestic disasters and absurdities. In the forst year of his marriage in an attemt to climb the social ladder, the lower-class Hopcrofts host their bank manager and his wife (the Brewster-Wrights), and their architect neighbour, Geoffrey Jackson and his suicidal wifem eva, Havoc enses at this festive drinks partym which they hoped would impress their high-pwered friends - but that's nothing compared to what happens at the next two Christnases when the friends return the Hopcrofts' hospitality.
Seasn: October 27 - November 1. 2023.






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Mordialloc Theatre Company

Bookings: 03 9587 5141


The Effect

Connie is a psochology student. Tristan is a charming drifter.
Both have signed up to a clinical trial for a new antidepressant duoer-drug. Sealed of from the outdife world, the attraction between Corrie and Tristan turns to deeper feelings as their doses get stronger.
they've been warned of side effects - can they trust their feelings, or is this just a chemicalr romance?
Season: February 17 - March 4. 2023

It's Only a Play

A wealthy first-time bgroadway Producer, Julia Budder, is throwing an opening night party for The Golden Egg at her luxutious Manhatten home.
The playwright, Peter Austin, is joined by the director, a lead actor, and assorted frineds and hangers-on (including a critic) as they nervously wait for the late-night reviews printed in the newspapers.
It's alternatively raucas, ridiculous and tender - and proves that sometimes the biggest laughs happen offstage. The Associated Press, called the play a 'mailicously funy diatribe about the desporate and demented business of producing a play on Broadway.
Season: April 288 - May 13. 2023.

Summer of the Seventeeth Doll

The most famous australian play and one of the most loved, Summer of the Seventeeth Doll is a tragic story f Ro and Barney. Beautifully observed, humorous, and poignant.
Ray Lawler's much-loved play is a tale if two Queensland cane cuttersd who for 16 years have4 worked up north in the brutal sugar cane fields and travelled back to Melbourne to meet up for five months of partying and romance with their barmaid girlfriends.
Season: June 16 - July 1. 2023.


is a powerful and challenging play about the issue of sexual consent and its intersection with the justice system. Lawyer friends take opposing briefs in a shocking and contentious legal case where the key witness id a victom whose life seemas a world away from theirs. Public and private worlds collide as evidence is examined from many perspectives. Ulitimately, is the legal sustem itself on trial?
Season: Septemer 1 - 16. 2023.

Four fiat Whites in Italy

Holidays from hell were never so much fun!
recent retirees Adrian and Alison finally have timne for the Italian trip f their dreams. bur when thier best friends suddeenly pull out, they are faced with the prospect of sharinf their precious holiday with their new neighbours. Will they find in dolce vita? From Viagra to Vespas and canals to canneloni, this is one journey they will never forget.
Season: November 10 - 15. 2023.




Peridot Theatre

Bookings: 0429 115 334
new venue for Peridot Theatre
Clayton Theatre 9- 15 Cooke St. Clayton


Night Must Fall

When the imperious, embittered Mrs Bremson learns that her young maid Dora is pregnant, she sumons the child's presumed father to her bungalow. The young man, Dan, is charming but mysterious. Could he be responsible for the recent murder and beheading of a local woman, and could Mrs Brenson be his next victim? Skilfully Dan insinuates himelf into Mrs Brenson's affections and attempts to seduce her sceptical niece, Olivia. Despite strong suspicions of Dan's diabolical intensions, Olivia finds herself attracted to and fascinated by the young man.
Emlyn William's classic thriller, a hit on stage and screen, provdes thrils and surprises for audiences anywhere.
Season: February 9 - 19. 2023/

Peridot is asking for help to find an affordable space where they can rehearse, build their sets, and store their props. If yopu can help directly, or just point them in the right direction, plaes contact the President Helen McIntosh at

# Bacchae Too

# Bacchae Too is a re-telling of argubily Europides; greatest work The Bacchae
In the original Greek tragedy, the women of the City of Thebes have escaped to a nearby mountain to celebrate the god Dionysus, as part of the god's plan to vindicate his mother. The new King of Thebes finds his authority theatened by these women ad the story ends in gruesome tragerdy.
In the age of the #MeToo moverment, the influence of social media, an agenda based news reporting, this modern adaptation of The Bacchae, explores whether the story is still relevent today in the struggle for Women Life and Freedom.
Season: May 4 - 14. 2023.

Things I Know to be True

Bob and Fran Price have loved each other for 30 years.They have built a home and raised four strong children. At the end of it all, they are left askig. Was it worth it? Who are we, now the chilfren have gone?
Things I Knew to be True ia a funny and honest accountof family life in the Australian suburbs. Over the course of a year, the four adult Proce children struggle to establish their identities and deal with personal crises.
Season: August 10 - 20. 2023.





Phoenix Theatre Company

Bookings: 61 3 9012 5897



Stageworx Theatre
3/21 Stud Road Bayswater
Bookings: 61 3 9729 8368


Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group
Bookings: 0419 591 517


2023 Season

Fortune'a Fool

This os a comedy about love gone right and love gone wrong. It's the story of two couples, Chuck and Gail who are about to be married and Jay and Bonnie, the best man and maid of honour, who dislike each other so intensely that their eventual romance s al but preordained. things don't always work the way we expect and the twists and turns un theser two relationships is definitely an unique look at the institution of amrraige.
Season: February 23 - March 4. 2023

An Inspector Calls

This classic play presents a window on society, within the framework of an intriguing mystery, in 1912 in the indestrial north of England, the family of a prosperous factory owner are celebrating their daughter's engagement. their festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a police inspector, who reports the deat of a young woman in a local infirmary.Are the family members correct in assuming that this tragedy has nothing to do with them? Under the inspector's probing, a remarkable story unfolfd.
Season: May 18 - 27. 2023.

The Normal Heart

is a largely autobiopgraphical play by Larry Kramer. It focusses on the rise of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in New York City between 1981 and 2984, as seen through the eyes of writer/sctivist Ned Weekd, the gay founder of a prominent HIV advocay group. The play was written and first performed in 19085 and made its Broaday debit i 2011.
Season: August 17 - 26. 2023

The Complete Worls pf William Shakespeae (agbridged) (revised) (again)

This is not so much a play as it is a vaudeviille show in which three sharamismatic, widely ambitious actors attempt to present ALL 37 of Shakespeare's plays in a single performance.
They have rudimentary concept of the stories and have imperfectly memorized a smattering of famous lines. thus armed the three brazenly launch into their task with an earnest focus and breakneck enthusiasm. What could possibley go wrong?
Season: November 26 - 25. 2023.


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Swamp Fox
Bookings: 61 3 9758 3964



Arts Theatre Cronulla
6 Surf Road Cronulla
Bookings: 61 2 56523 2779

The Game's Afoot

Season: May 7 - 12. 2021

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Bankstown Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 2 9676 1191


Campbelltown Theatre Group


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Cooma Little Theatre - Cooma

Elanora Players
Bookings: 6 2 9982 7364


Epicentre Theatre Co.
Ku-ring-gai Town Hall
1186 Pacific Hwy. Pymble


Genesian Theatre Company - Sydney
Bookings: 1300 237 217



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Gosford Musical Society
Bookings: 61 2 43 233 233


Guild Theatre - Rockdale
Cnr Waltz and Railway Streets Rockdale
Bookings: 61 2 9597 4558


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Highlands Theatre Group - Mittagong
Bookings: 1300 657 559

Henry Lawson Theatre Werrington
Bookings: 02 4729 2996



Hunters Hill Theatre - Hunters Hill
13 Margaret St. Hunters Hill
Bookings: 61 2 9879 7765

King Street Theatre
Bookings: 0415 123 169

Lane Cove Theatre Company


Lieder Theatre Company - Goulburn
Bookings: 61 2 4821 5066

Lindsay Street Players.
Bookings: 61 2 4961 4895


Maitland Repertory Theatre
44 High Street Maitland
Bookings: 02 4931 2800

Metropolitan Players
Bookings: 61 2 4929 1977

The Woman in Black


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Miranda Musical Society
Bookings: 61 2 8814 5827


Newcastle Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 2 4952 4958
3pm - 6pm Mondays to Fridays.

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie


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Nowra Players - Bomaderry
Bookings: 61 2 4429 5757

Players Theatre
14 Swift Street

Girl's Weekend

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Pymble PlayersTheatre
Cnr Mona Vale Road and Bromley Ave. Pymble
Bookings: 61 2 9144 1523


Richmond Players
Richmond School of Arts
cnr March and West Market Sts. Richmond
Bookings: 61 2 8006 6997



Rochdale Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 6621 8169

Rockdale Opera Company
Rockdale Town Hall
448 Princes Highway Rockdale
Bookings: 61 2 4730 932


Roo Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 4297 2891


The Sutherland School of Arts
Bookings: 61 2 8091 0768

Tamworth Dramatic Society
Bookings: 61 2 6767 5300



The Theatre on Chester
61 2 9877 0081




Woy Woy Little Theatre
Peninsula Theatre 93 McMasters Rd. Woy Woy.
Booking: 02 43 233 233



Wyong Drama Group - Wyong
Bookings: 1300 655 600

Wyong Musical Theatre
Bookings: 1300 366 470

Young People's Theatre
Cnr Lindsay and Lawson Streets Hamilton




Would you like to have news of your productions entered here? If so just email with your news.


The Spotlight Theatre Complex






Would you like to have news of your productions entered here? If so just email with your news.

Adelaide Repertory Theatre
Arts Theatre 53 Angas St. Adelaide
Bookings: 61 8 8212 5777















Town Hall Theatre - Devenport


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Would you like to have news of your productions entered here? If so just email with your news.

Canberra Playback



Would you like to have news of your productions entered here? If so just email with your news.

Norfolk Island


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