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ARK Theatre




Athenaeum Theatre Lilydale

Bookings: 61 3 9735 1777
Office hours Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10am - 2pm.





2022 Season

The Deep Blue Sea

Terence Rattigan's The Deep Blue Sea tells the story of Hester Collyer, the young wife of High Court Judge William Collyer. who has embarked on a passionate affair with Freddie Page, a handsome young former RAF pilot troubled by his memories of the ar. Their relationship is physical and passionate, but his ardour has cooled leaving her emotionally stranded and desperate. Taking place over the course of one day we witness her battle as she struggles to come to terms with her situation and to find a reason to go on living. Will she return to William or will Freddie relent, and how will the interactions with others in their apartment block affect her circumstances ans decision?
Season: May 22 - June 4. 2022.


It's 1971 and outside on the streets, Australia is protesting the war in Vietnam. But inside a burned-out theatre, the reident patients of a mental asylum are listening to Mozart, learning their lines and occasionly skipping their medication.
Luois Nowra;s renowned Aaustralian comedy finds light in the darkness and challnges our perceptions about, love, madness, and humanity. A darkly funny and deeply moving ensemble piece,Cosi celebrates theatre and its power to transform lives.
August 18 - September 3. 2022

Brief Encounter

by Noel Cward

Alec meets Laura in the tearoom of a British railway station in 1945. H removes grit from her eye and the innocent, but intimate contact sparks the beginning of an illicit relationship that lands them on an emotional journey to longing and heartache.
A high energy and innovative piece of theatre tat involves a host of wonderful characters that inhabit a British Railway station.
Season: November 10 - 26. 2022.


The Bakery

Bookings: 61 3 9758 3964

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Mr Bailey's Minder

Leo Bailey is one of Australia's greatest living artists, whose genius battles to survive the effects of alcoholism, cycinicis and delf-loathing.
Onky one of his many children Margo, is prepared top help, but she does so at arm's length. Margo finds a live-in-minder,. Therese who is frresh out fprison and desparate for a home.
Then along comes Karl, a hancyman who has the job of removing a valuable mural but who keeps returning with offers of practical friendship.
A funny and deeply nmoving play about freindship, ego, art and the secret for a better life.
Season: March 31 - April 30. 2022.



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The Basin

Bookings: 1300t784 668


Ithe Lady in the Van

The Lady in the Van tells the true story of Alan Bennett;s somewhat strained friendship with Miss Mary Shepherd, a crabby, eccentric and somewhat smelly homeless woman whom Bennett befriended in the 1970s. He allowed her to park her Bedford van in the driveway of his Camcen home "for three months"- she ended up reiding there for 15 years.
As the pkay develops, Bennett learns Miss Shelerd's true identity: argaret Fairchild and about her unfortunate past.
Sesaon: Thursday June 16, 2022 - Sunday June 26, 2022.



Beaumaris Theatre
Bookings: 61 3 9583 6896


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Brighton Theatre Company
Bookings: 1300 752 126



The CPP Community Theatre
Bookings: 0447
014 584 between 1pm & 3pm.



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Eltham Little Theatre

Bookings: 0411 713 095


Moon Over Buffalo

t is the sumemr of 1953, and George and Charlotte Hay, a formerly a couple of Broadway stars have taken their run-down touring company to Buffalo, New York. In Buffalo they have the intention of running Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory, all the while grumbling about missed Hollywood opportunities. But ondtage harmony is compromised when George performs an off-stage infidelity, imppregnating the compny's ingeue.
When Charlotte learns of this, she prepares to run away with the family lawer, sending ight-weight George on a grief-sticken drinking binge> It turms ut that Frank Capra is headed to town on a talent scouting mission looking to hire the couple for his swashbuckling Scarlet Pipmenal epic/ As a result, the Hay family - icluding scornful, deaf mother-in-law Ethel, determinedly practical daughter Rosalind, and dashing actor Paul, Rosalind's ex boy-friend - must work overtime to get sloppy drunk Gearge into his Cyrano hat and nose and worse... or os ot his Elyot Chase smoking jacket? Witht he entrance of Rosalind's diance, anxious TV weatheman Howard - one manwith two mistaken identities - and Richard Maynard, the wealthy lawer hopping to lure Charlotte away to his mansion - the confusion only intensifies.
With a plethora of pratfalls, slaming doors aplenty, and backstage shenagigins.
Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo is a fast-paced, hilarious scrwball comedy in the old tradition, a throwback farce, a valentine to the stage and the larger-than-life personalities tht inhabit the world of theatre
Season: September 2 - 17. 2022



EEssendon Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 3 9330 4808




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1812 Theatre

Inquiries 61 3 9758 3964


























2022 Season

Till Beth Do Us Part

A side-splitting comic romp about marriage.
Career-driven Suzannah Hayden needs a lot mor help on the home front than she was getting from her husband, Gibby.
Enter Beth Bailey, Suzannah’s newly hired assistant, a gregarious highly-motivated daughter of the South, in no time, she exceeds her duties as a household assistant and injects herself into Suzannah’s career.
As Suzannah’s dependence on Beth grows, she gives Beth carte blanche to change anything in the household; and the change Beth makes is convincing Suzannah that Gibby must go!
When he realises it’s Suzannah’s career Beth is really after, a newly-determined Gibby sets out to save his marriage aided by Suzannah’s best friend, Margo, a wisecracking and self-depreciating divorcee and her ex-husband, Hank, who is in the midst od his own life crisis.
Their effort to stop Beth at any cost sets up the wildly funny climax in which things go uproariously awry just as Suzannah’s boss arrives for that all-important dinner.
Season: May 18 – June 11.


A Flea in Her Ear

A Flea in Her Ear is world-renownedas the funniest and most famous of all the French farces. Its perfectly formed in its comic timing, shamelessly and completely bonkers.
We're in Paris, 1908. After years if married bliss, Madame Raymonde Chansebise suspects her husband is having an affair. In an effort to catch him in the act she causes a lot more trouble than she bargained for. Spiralling into a high-aoctane storm of sexual intrigue, mistaken identities, and bed-receiving mayhem, a cavalcade of characters get in on the act.
Some want sex and revenge, several want to preserve their honour. All want to avoid being shot. Nobody gets any sleep. You will laugh out loud.
Season: . August 2022


The production of a play at the 1812 Theatre involves far more people than just the actors on the stage. For example we need set builders, backstage crew, backstage management, costume making, front of house helpers, technical crew/bio box/lighting and sound technicians.

All these functions are provicec by a small army of volunteers.

It is an extremely rewarding experience, it builds lifelong friendships. It enables them to utilise existing skills as well as develop new ones. They have a lot of fun and laughs and enjpy 7being part of a production which they are proud of and which brings enjoyment to the many people who attend the performances.

Whether it's a barbie in our backyard area, movie nights or other get togethers, we realise our volunteers are our lifeblood and a pretty social bunch too.

If you are aged between 14 and 80 and this sounds like something that you may be interested in doing, please read on to find out what is involved behind the scenes.

No production is complete without the set on the stage. Thr building of the set involves design, painting, carpentary, furniture restoration and electrical work. This could range from hanging a picture to building a staircase.

Experienced chippies. electicians, artists, designers are always welcome along with people who are eager to learn ad willing to get their hands a bit grubby.

While the sets are being built the costumes designed and made. Working with the director this involves machine and hand sewing and fitting of outfits on the actors.


This involves the changes made to the sets on stage during the live performances. This could range from providing an empty cup to an actor at a critical time before thay go on stage to changes between acts while the lights are down.

If you can tip toe in the darkness and enjoy the adrenalin rush of being involved in a live performance, without being an actor on stage, this is for you.

The face of 1812, you could be the lovely lady or gent greeting our patrons at the door, guiding them to their seats and making sure the audience refreshments between the acts and after the performance are ready to go when needed.

At the end of the evening you get a chance to mingle with the actors, director,and other behind scenes volunteers.

The designers choreograph the lighting and sound as part of the preproduction of the play. The technical crew and bio box operate the soud and lighting during each performances. You may be working with special effects?
With a wide range of lighting and sound equipment available, working in time with actors on stage, its a great experience to be the one bringing the stage alive with massive claps of lighting and rumbling thunder or the soft chirpd in a lush foredt dcene.

Whether you experienced or simply full of enthusiasm and ready to learn, thios may be for you.

STILL INTERSTED RING 1812 on 9758 3964 or email


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Encore Theatre

Bookings: 1300 739 099



Behind the Scenes

Encire Theatre needs you in 2022 to help the company survive.

Do you have a retired friend or family member looking fir a fun way to meet new people and give back to the community?

Encore Theatre is in desperate need of volunteers to join our set-bulding team. Without them, we may need to cease production, No expreience necessary. Any handyman skills A plus.
To volunteer contact Encore Theatre on 1300 739 099 or



Frankston Theatre Group
Bookings: 1300 665 377


The Hartwell Players
Bookings: 61 3 9889 5006




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Heidelberg Theatre Company
Bookings: 9457 4117


The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Is a startinly revealing story of family dysfunction and abuse set in the deceptive idyllic, west Irish country side.|
Martin Monagh's award-winning playtells the darkly comic tale of Maureen Folan, a plain and lonely woman in her early forties, and Ma, her manipulating ageing mother.
Msg's interference in her daughter's first and possibly final chance of a loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that lead inexorably toward a tragic realisation.
Season: July 8 - July 23. 2022

The Legend of Robin Hood - by HTC Youth,

A new take on one of the most well-known legends. Come with us as we explore Sherwoood Forest and Nottngham Castle with all your characters. Robun Hood, Maid Marian and the Merry Men will provide you with archery, sword fights, and daring adventures to defeat the wicked Sherrif.
Season: August 19 - 27. 2022

Barefoot in the Park

Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds in every sense of the word. Paul us a straight-laced lawyer and Corie a romantic free-spirit. They begin their new life together in their unfinished apartment in Manhatten. After a visit from Corie's mother they decide to intruduce her the the eccentric neighbour-in-the-attic, Velasco.
A wild night ensues, one that highlights just howdifferent Corie and Paul are.
IN this Neil Simon 1960's classic, the youhng couple must find a way to accept and embrace their differences as they learn that marriage is no easy walk in the park.
Season: November 4 - 19. 2022.




Malvern Theatre

Bookings: 1300 131 552







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Mordialloc Theatre Company

Bookings: 03 9587 5141


4000 Miles

When a young man cycles across America to arrive in New York, he decides to visit his feisty aging grandmother, with whom he shares idealistic notions about the world. She becomes a sounding board for his recent tragedy nd fraught personal relationships, bringing her worldly wisdom while she struggles with the inevitable of her aging body. They immediately support one another in their mutual issues.
Season: April 29 - May 14. 2022.






Peridot Theatre

Bookings: 0429 115 334
new venue for Peridot Theatre
Clayton Theatre 9- 15 Cooke St. Clayton


One Act Play Season

EMBERS by Natalie urns. Directed by Colin Morley

LINE-UP by Steven Barkodd. Directed by Joe Dias

JYST A STRAIGHT MAN by Rob Smith and John Mawson, Directed by Bob Bramble

LOVE IS A DISH by Adele Shelley. Directd by Audrey Farting
Season: June 2, 3, 4, 2022 at 8pm. Saturday matinee 2pm.

War of the Worlds

Broadcast from NewYork;s Mercury Theatre in 1938, this infamous radio play based on the novel b H.G. Wells, had meny terrified listners convinced that an actual alien invasion of Earth was taking place. Adapted by Howard E Koch, co-writer of Casablanca the broadcast was aq narrated and directed y Orson Welles, eith the original script detailing the frightening tale of an extre-terristrial invasion.
SeasonL TBA




Phoenix Theatre Company

Bookings: 61 3 9012 5897



Stageworx Theatre
3/21 Stud Road Bayswater
Bookings: 61 3 9729 8368


Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group
Bookings: 0419 591 517


2022 Season



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Swamp Fox
Bookings: 61 3 9758 3964



Arts Theatre Cronulla
6 Surf Road Cronulla
Bookings: 61 2 56523 2779

The Game's Afoot

Season: May 7 - 12. 2021

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Bankstown Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 2 9676 1191


Campbelltown Theatre Group


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Cooma Little Theatre - Cooma

Elanora Players
Bookings: 6 2 9982 7364


Epicentre Theatre Co.
Ku-ring-gai Town Hall
1186 Pacific Hwy. Pymble


Genesian Theatre Company - Sydney
Bookings: 1300 237 217



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Gosford Musical Society
Bookings: 61 2 43 233 233


Guild Theatre - Rockdale
Cnr Waltz and Railway Streets Rockdale
Bookings: 61 2 9597 4558


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Highlands Theatre Group - Mittagong
Bookings: 1300 657 559

Henry Lawson Theatre Werrington
Bookings: 02 4729 2996



Hunters Hill Theatre - Hunters Hill
13 Margaret St. Hunters Hill
Bookings: 61 2 9879 7765

King Street Theatre
Bookings: 0415 123 169

Lane Cove Theatre Company


Lieder Theatre Company - Goulburn
Bookings: 61 2 4821 5066

Lindsay Street Players.
Bookings: 61 2 4961 4895


Maitland Repertory Theatre
44 High Street Maitland
Bookings: 02 4931 2800

Metropolitan Players
Bookings: 61 2 4929 1977

The Woman in Black


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Miranda Musical Society
Bookings: 61 2 8814 5827


Newcastle Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 2 4952 4958
3pm - 6pm Mondays to Fridays.

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie


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Nowra Players - Bomaderry
Bookings: 61 2 4429 5757

Players Theatre
14 Swift Street

Girl's Weekend

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Pymble PlayersTheatre
Cnr Mona Vale Road and Bromley Ave. Pymble
Bookings: 61 2 9144 1523


Richmond Players
Richmond School of Arts
cnr March and West Market Sts. Richmond
Bookings: 61 2 8006 6997



Rochdale Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 6621 8169

Rockdale Opera Company
Rockdale Town Hall
448 Princes Highway Rockdale
Bookings: 61 2 4730 932


Roo Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 4297 2891


The Sutherland School of Arts
Bookings: 61 2 8091 0768

Tamworth Dramatic Society
Bookings: 61 2 6767 5300



The Theatre on Chester
61 2 9877 0081




Woy Woy Little Theatre
Peninsula Theatre 93 McMasters Rd. Woy Woy.
Booking: 02 43 233 233



Wyong Drama Group - Wyong
Bookings: 1300 655 600

Wyong Musical Theatre
Bookings: 1300 366 470

Young People's Theatre
Cnr Lindsay and Lawson Streets Hamilton




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The Spotlight Theatre Complex






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Adelaide Repertory Theatre
Arts Theatre 53 Angas St. Adelaide
Bookings: 61 8 8212 5777















Town Hall Theatre - Devenport


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Canberra Playback



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Norfolk Island


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