Melbourne Shakeapeare Company

Auditions for As You Like It.

The Company is looking for 14 talented actors to join for the 10th production which will be performed in March 2020.
Auditions to take place January 7th and 8th. 2020. at 2pm both dates.

Please [re[are a a Shalespearan monologue of your own choice and a short capella song. Please note, not all characters will be rquired to sing and we are looking at confidence ion performance over vocal ability.
Rehearsals will be on weekends and evenings from the end of January. The company will do its best to work around the actor's prior commitments, however please do not apply if you have limited availabilty in February.

The company is looking for: To create an ensemble of actors who are enthusiastic and hardworking, with a positive attitude. This piece will be high energy, fast paced with elements of dong and dance. Please note some roles in the production do not require singing.
Performers with experience in physical theatre, commedie dell'arte, and outdoor theatre are encouraged to apply.
Please note, the performances and rehearsals take place outdoors which can include extreme weather conditoons including dorect sunlight, wind and light rain.Before applying please consider carefully if you would feel confortable working in these copnditions.
/Auditions by appointment only and must be booked by contacting Kevin at . Please inclufe your CV and headshot with our application.

Phoenix Theatre Company

Auditions for We Will Rock You

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary ongs showcasing your voice range.
Songs should be in the style of the show but not from the show. Please be awarethat due to time being very limited, you may not complete your song, so choose an appropiate starting point.
Sheet music to be provided in the correct key. Badking tacks and Acapella not allowed. However you may choose to accompany yourself.
A headshot must be produced at the audition.
|Arrive early to prepare. Please be patient in case we are running behind and have your music ready in a filder so you can go through your song with the audition pianist before you enter the room.

Part of the audition may require a vocal range test and a dialogue read. (these will be available at the audition venue.)
Call Backs will be for voice and dialogue and will beld in the room as a workdhop with all the other callbacks for that role.

Audtion Venue: Phoenix HQ 109 Leeds St. DEoncaster.
Audition dates:
Vocal auditions: Monday January 20. 2020 from 7.30pm.
Wednesday January 22. 2020 fro 7.30pm.

Dance Audition: Friday January 24. 2020. at 7pm.

Callbacks (it required) Friday January 24 2020. at 8pm.

Rehearsal /time:
First Rehearsal Thursday January 30. 2020.
Rehearsal Days Monday and thursday 7.30pm - 10.30pm.
Sunday 1pm - 5.30pm.

Character Descriptions
All ages are approxiamate and based on look not actual age.

Galileo Fivure
M<ale early 20s
A young misfit looking for meaning in a hhighly regulated world/ Needs to be charismatic, charming ( a sense of comedy) and have a very strong tenor voice uo to a full voice sustained high B Falsetto up to ahigh D above high B is also required.

Female age late teens early 20s
She is a ruthless business wman, powerful, tough and glamorous, with a dtrong stage presence. She has sass and controls every situation around her. A dynamic, strong charcter. Vocally a very powerful strong mezzo belt with the capacity and vocal stamina for a hard tock edge is required.

Commander Khashoggi
Male age 30 upwards
Khashoggi workd for the Killer Queen. He is the embidiment of a future techno corporate stooge. High baritone or tenor.

Male age late teens to 30s
Brit is short for Briney Spears which is iconic as rit is the antithesis of Britne's form of pop. Brit of one of the Bohemioan rebels who believe that there is a true musical style that can conquer the corporate ga-ga sound. High Baritone or Tenor. with a rock edge.

Female age late teens to 30.
"Oz" is shoret fpr Ozzy (Osbourne). also a iconic. Oz. like Brit. is a Bojemian rebel. waiting for the return of rock music. A strong Mezzo belt voice id requred

Male aged to elderly ex-rocker
Buddy is an old librarian with a passion for the old sacred texts ( forgotten voice lyrics). He is the comic character that acts as a foil to the journey taken by Galileo and Scaramouche.
High Baritone or Tenor.

The ensemble is a critical par of the show and play various cameo roles throughout. There will be a mix of very strong dancers, strong rock/theatre singers aqnd character ensemble character parts amongst the Bohemian rebels. Much of the story is told through the atmosphere and locations set by the ensemble's movement., so the ability to be a risk-taking, vreative, receptive and flexible group member is critcal.

The ensemble will be rwuired to play multiple characters which include Ga-Ga Kids/ Teen Queens. Li9ving in a highly modified, prescribed soulless consumer world
Rebel Outcasts driven by an underground fight against GlobalSoft and its leader Killer Queen
Secret police/Faceless. soulless stooges that work to the bidding of Killer Queen and Khashoggi,
Super Yuppies, Doctors, Youth of the Future, Teacher.

\ Synopsis:
Featuring more than 20 hit Queen songs, We Will Rock You follows two revolutionaries as they try to save Rock in a dystopian world. The music tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchangeof thought, fashion and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and actst the same. Musical instuments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown.
Songs include Another Bites the Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, We Will rock You, We Are the Champions, and many more.





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