Two shorts from the Jack Manning Trilogy by David Williamson. Face to Face and Chartiable Event on Sunday August 20 at 6.30pm and Monday August 21 at 7.30pm

Lots of Roles. Call the director Roderick Chappel on 9718 0486


Malvern Theatre

Twentieth Century


Oscar Jaffe - 30 to 50. Ronamtic, devilish, charming, turannical at turns.

Lily Garlkand - 25 to 45. A star and must be treated as such.

Ida Webb - Open age. Oscar's Secretary. tough, shrewd, street-smart.

Owen O'Malley - open age, Irish, argumentative, tough.

George Smith - Lily's current boy-toy. Highly strung, a litle slow to see things.

M. Clark - Over 40. Part will be Matthew or Myrtle. Religious zealot, wealthy, eccentric.

Dr Grover Lockwood - Over 40. Nervy, anxious.

Anita Highland - 20 to 30. Confident, breezy.

Conductor - Male or Female, over 40. Strong, Authoritative

for copy of script contact director Nicholas Opolski on 0400 507 788 or nopolski@hotmail.com


Chicago, 1938. The luxurious Twentient Century Train speeds from Chicago to Nw York. On board, theatrical producer Oscar Jaffe must convince ex-lover Lily Garland to leave her movie career and return to Broeadway... and him. But with a cast of crazies interfering, it will take some scheming. This fast-paced comedy is adapted by Ken Ludwig from the Hechr.MacArthur classic. A comedy asd fast as the Twentieth Century.
Audition dates: Sunday July 9 at 7pm. Mondfay July 10. at 7pm.

The season October 27 - November 11. 2017

Rehearsals from Septemberr 3. 2017 Tuesdaya and thursdays 7.30pm to 10.30pm Sundays 2 to 5pm.






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