Madame Butterfly - Princess Theatre Launceston Tasmania

Calling all young ballet dancers aged between 8 - 18 years!
Her is your opportunity to be part f the show and perform onstage with Melbourne city Ballet.
Young local dancers seeking to experience being a part of a live ballet production will be provided with the opportunity of s lifetime.
Melbourne City Ballet is holding an afternoon workdhop before their performance of Madame buterfly on Friday July 20 at the Princess theatre Launceston.;
The workshop will take place on the stage from 3.30pm on Friday July 20. 2018, and is open to male and female dancers with basic ballet training aged 8 - 18 years.
The workshop is $10 per person.
Workshop participants will learn choreography from the show, as part of a "Group Audition" and a select few will be invited to perform in the production that evening. There are various roles that need to be filled for this production ande those who are successful will be notified at the and of the workshop and will be given more detailed information about the show.
Register now to be oart of the magic of this wonderful production, representing your community ondtsge t=with the Melbourne City Ballet.

Madame Butterfly Community Participation
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The Basin Theatre


Characters: |

Meryl Louise Davenport - A 30 something woman - Meryl is a mother of three and wife to Barry. Stressed out, she is frantic and dishevelled.
Tiggy Entwhistle - Late 30s to 50s - Tiggy's husband has recentlyh left her. Harry has left her for a younger woman. A vulnerable woman. She is very timid and shy towards public speaking.
Mary O'Donnell - (Actress must be a reasonable dancer and singer). A teenage student - She was a past winner and is competitive and all about performing.
Theresa McTerry - A 20s-30s woman. - A bride. She needs to be able to cover excellent comic timing as well as serious dramatic tension. This character will not mind being on stage in her underwear.
Winsome Webster - A 50+ woman - Winsome is a widow who volunteers for the lind society. She is renewes with a youthfulness she thought she has lost by readihng a romantic slightly erotic book to Patrick.
Zoe Struthers - Late 40s upwards (requires an American accent Actress must be a reasonable singer and dancer). Described as an "aging American Diva". She has severe alsoholism and bitterness and is now becoming sober and attempting to get on with her life.
Sunday August 19. 2018 7 - 10pm. Monsay August 20. 2018 7 - 10pm.
Message Alison preferred date and character. audition time & script will be forwarded. call 0438 007 857


The award-winning Australian playwright Joanna Murray-=Smith writes a sextet od hilariously outrageous monologues of the lives of six very different women. The play exposes six women balancing their inner and outer lives with humour and often desperate cunning. They range in age from a feisty teenager to a 4-year old widow yearning for the unexpected. Bombshells is primarily abgout women on the edge.It is gonig to bea hugely enjoyabloe and fulfilling challenge for us and I hope to see you at the audition. Dirsctor Sharon Maine 0419 118 917.

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