Australian Contemporary Opera

General & Emerging Artist
Auditions 2923.

Are you an opera or classic-trained music theatre performer based in Melburne? ACC wuld love to hear and meet you at the upcoming General Auditiod for extablished and emering artists.
The Audition Panel will be led by Artistic Director Linda Thomas, with visiting Stage Director Luke Leonard and members of ACOCo Creative eam
The Company is looking for singers tp work with the Company across projects for 2023 - 2024- which will include a remouint of the award-winning production of The nchanted Pig, and a 3-opera, 10-day Festival of Contemporary Opera and Song in ebruary 2024. Subject to individual srtist's availablity, the Company prefers to use a select group across multiole projects - and looking for versatility, and openness to doing thengs differently.
ACOCo is not a government-funded company - the company is kindly supported by philanthropy and hard-earned ticket income. The Company pays premium LPA rates on a project-by-project basis for staged and audience-facing projects.
If have not worked for a major professional company in Australia (or elsewhere) in a principal role capacity, ASOSs suggest you audition for a RESIDENT EMERGING ARTIST position, which involves additional professional development input including stage craft, coaching and repertoire=building0as well as concert and special event perfpormances across March 2023 - 2024.
The operas are performed in English. The Comany leaves the forein-language, traditonlly - prsented repertoire to other companies. ACOCc believes in shaping operatic music-theatre to fit the Company's place and narrative and the srtists in the cohort.
For an inperson audition February 2. 12pm - 8pm February 3 10.30am - 1pm. click here


Eltham Little Theatre

Auditions for Much Ado About Nothing are now open.

One on one auditions will hekkd first, and then group audition will be held to judge chemistry and comic timeing.

Audition dates Sunday January 29 at 2pm. - 5pm
Monday January 30 7pm - 10pm
Slots will be booked in 10 minute blocks.Venue: Eltham Performing Arts Centre Rehearsal Room 1603 Main Rd. Research. 3085

Rehearsal Days:
Sunday Afternoons
Tuesday Evenings;
Thursday eveningsd
Times TBAPerforming DatedL 9 Shows including two Sunday matinees.
April 2 - May 6.

Director Matthew FGreeman's Concept:
William Shakesp[eare's light comedy Much Ado About Nothing is still stunningly contemporary, especially considering how the entire show hinges on misonogynistic 'banter' and the refusal to believe women, which is sadly an ongoing issue. To highlight this, this show will be set in modern Mediterranean Messina (with more than a hint of Mamma Mia). A war has just ended, and everone is in relaxed vacation mode (the plot makes more sense if you imagine that everyone has a drink in hand throughout), which makes the horribly cruel wedding scene hit even harder when the tone shifts. The humour will be a major focus, howeverm with slapstick and wordplay.

Eltham Cast Requirements:
Every castr member will be expected to Join Eltham Little Theatre company and must be prepared to help in more ways than just learning lines. Cast membgers are expected to help Front of House during the cu rrentm memebership year, assist with set building on certain construction weelends for Much Ado About Nothing and help bump in and out. Auditionees who are willing to pitch are not encoraged to audition. This s a group effort and ELT are proud to all work together.























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