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CLOC Musical Theatre

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

CLOC is looking for a dynamic and versatile cast who can not only meet the acting, singing, and vocal requirements of the show but many of whom will need to be able to lip-sync and look great in drag.
A quietly dignified transsexual who must be convincing as an older woman. Was once the star performer of Les Girls. MNother of the group, is glamorous, oozing Old Hollywood charm with rapier wit and sensitivity. Must be convincing and touching in her attraction and growing relationship with Bob.
Male-Playing age mid 40s to mid-late 50s
Outstanding straight acting, dance, singing and lip-synching ability essential.
Unremarkable and essentially straight exterior. A discontented drag queen, the best in the business. Estranged husband of Marion and absent father to 8 year old Benji. His journey is from disillusionment to fulfilment through being reunited with his son.
Male - Playing age early 30s to early 40s.
Outstanding straight acting, dance, singing (baritone-tenor) and lip-synching ability essential.
Flashy young drag queen. Born performer with a bitchy streak. Provocative and outspoken. Has a tendency to get himself into trouble.
Male - Playing age early to late 20s
Well-maintained physical features,outstanding charcter acting, dance, singing (tenor), and lip-synching ability essential.
A mechanic. Laconic, soft hearted Aussie bloke.Fascination with Bernadette whom he saw perform in Les Girls in Sydney over 29 years ago/
Male - {laying age early 50s - early 60s.
Strong acting ability with one song.
Three females who carry the musical weight of the show. Sassy, strong and sexy. Brilliant vocalists in the disco-belt style with a felxible range. Comfortable movers as will be used throughout the show as part of the action.
Females 20s 0 40s.
Benji - Child performer, Male 8 0 12 years playing age 8. cute son of tick and his estranged wife, Marion. Sweet and opne-minded. this role will be double cast.
Male - Playing the age of 8. Open 8 - 11 year pld make children
Acting and singing ablity.
Male/Female ensemble - require excellent acting and sionging (all vocal ranges) and dance ability. Includes minor roles. Tad, Bryan, Mike, James, Kylie, thom. Lars, 12,3, Errol, Torists, Jules, announcer etc.
Male ensemble (12 including)
Miss Understanding/Ens: Fabulous drag queen with great comic hosting and ad lib abilty. Able to deliver Tina Turner numbers convincingly.
Male - Playing age 20s - 30s.
Character acting, dance and singing ability. Lip-synching ability essential.
Frank.ens - tough miner bloke with violent tendencies, a hardened resident of miing town Cooperr Pedy. Tall, strapping and very outback Australian.
Male - Playing ager mid 20s - 30s.
Character acting, dance and singing ablity.
Jim/Ens: FRriendly indigenous Australian bloke. Innocen, charm and good movement skills.
Make - Playing ag 20s - 30s.
Character acting , dance and singing ability. Australian Indigenous perfrmer preffered.
Farrah/Young Bernadette/Ens:
Farrahm young, beautiful ad sassy drag queen, Young ernadette; the home of grace and glamour, gender illusion rather than drag. Les Girls at its most alluring. rilliant mover and look stunning and believable as a woman.
Male - Playing age mid 20s - mid 30s.
Character acting, dance and singing ability.
Female Ensembe, (8 incluiding )
Sirl/ens - Hardened outback bartendr.waitress. good ironic comedy,
Female - Playing age late 30s to mid-late 50s
Character acting, dance and strong singing ability.
An hotel Entertainment Manager in Darwin,. mother of 8 year old Benji, estrange wife of Tick(Mitzi). Strong, direct and forthright but is encedibly accepting of her role as a single mother and has an affection for Tick
Female - Playing age 20s to early 40s
Strong, singing/dancing and acting.
Bob's feisty Filipino wife. Frustrated performer of obscure "stage tricks" which make her very popular in the locaql pub. haracter acting, singing and dancing essential.
Female = Playing age 20s - 30s..
Character acting, cance and singing ability. Filipino performer preferred.

Audition Bookings from Sunday November 1, 2019 at 9am
Phone: Registger online at or call 1300 362 547
audition dates: vocal: Saurday. Sunday November 16.17. 2019
Sance: Monday Novembe 18. 2019 (evening)
Call Ba\cks: Wednesday November 20. 2019 (evening)


All participants on Priscilla require a Working with children Check.
Please register for auditions online and then you will be contacted to organise a time for your audition. Please upload current photo of yourself and a performance resumé (if you have one) when completing your audition form online.
Prepare one song in the3 style f the show but not from the show/ time may be limited so select an appropiate starting point.
Arrive at least 10 minutesearly to talk through your song with the audition pianist and for admin purposes.
Bring sheet music in the key in which you wish to sing ()no taped music or requests to transpose) and ensure that the music pages are bound or stuck together - no loose sheets.
You do not need to prepare any dialogue - you may be asked to read an extract of dialogue from the show.
Please wear fitted clothes for audition ( not loose fitting ) so the [anel can see your body shape. Please do not dress in 'drag' for any part of the audition process.
Dance. Be available for he Dance Audition on Monday evening November 18. 2019. You will be notified by SMS on the evening of Sunday November 17. 2019 if you are required to attend the Dance Audition and when. ON the Monday night, please wear fitted dance clothesm bring jazz shoes with a heel (formales & females) and be warmed up ready to go. Please note that we will have a selection of shoes with heels for those who do not have any. Somne male characters do not require heels.
Be available for Call Backs on Wednesday Novwmber 20. 2019 (evening). You will be advised on Monday night (after the Dance Audition) if you are required for all Backs and at what time. You will be emailed music/dialogue to learn and be expected to present at perfomance standard. If you have heels please bring them to all acks. There will also be a box of heeled shoes provided for for you to try on and wear. Please do not dress in drag. Photos and measurements for costumes will also be taken on Call Backs.
Fisl csting will take place on Wednesday night after the Call Backs , and all auditionees who have attended the Call acks will be rung. veryone who auditions will receive either a phone call ir an email sometime on Thursday November 21. 2019
Please note that casting is not absolutely final until after the Call Backs.
Minimum age for auditionees, Adults 18 plus at the time of audtions. Boys 8 - 12 at the time of auditions.
Children: Boys' vocal auditions will take place on Sunday morning November 17. 2019 they will be shecked for their movement skills at the same time. Boys may be required at the Call Backs.
Auditions may be videoed fpr reference but after auditions these will be deleted.
Please note that the moves for the dance auditions and for the show may be 'sexualised'. Also please note that some male cast members will be required to appear shirtles in the production.
Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoon (1pm - 5pm), Monday and Wednesday eveings (7.30pm - 10.30pm)

Nova Music Theatre

Aauditons for the May 2020 produiction of Beautiful the Carole King Musical are now open.
to book your audition email
Director Noel Browne. Musical director Phil Scanlon. Choreographer Julie Wright
Vce Auditions Monday November 18 & Tuesday November 19.
Dance Auditions Saturday November 24 (Morning)
Callbacks Sunday November 24 (afternoon)

All audition information including ehat you need to prepare, character breakdowns, location of auditions, location of the suditions and important information is now available in the S=Audition Pack at
Special note: rehearsals are Monday & thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 19.30pm. Sunday afternoons from 1pm - 5pm, from Monday December 2 through Sunday May 3. 2020.
Production weel is May 4 - May 9 and opening May 9. 2020.
The audition pack has all the performance dates. There will be a mandatory photo call, weekend rehearsal and costume calls, daes to be acvised at the Meet & Greet on December 2. 2019
Please check all your commitments for these days along with any rehearsal weekends and priduction dates as listed. Have you any unavaiabolities ready to list on our audition form>








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