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Ballet Jörgen du Canada

Photos by Charlene McIntosh

About Canada's Ballet Jörgen

Canada's Ballet Jörgen is recognised for the innovation, warmth, humour and beauty in its works. For over 25 years the organization has sought to advance the art and appreciation of ballet and Canadian chorepgraphy through performance, educational experiences and community engagement, Canada's Ballet Jörgen is proud to be one of the country's pre-eminent builders of new ballets.

2018 Season

Coppélia: A Comedy with Love.

Choroegraphed by Mr Jörgen and set to the original score by Leo Delibes, CBJ's production of Coppélia originally premiered in 2001 and is an international co-production between Cnada's Ballet Jögen and The Hong Kong Ballet.
Coppélia is one of the world's oldest surviving ballets and is the best known and most performed comedic ballet. It is a daring, bold and funny story thst takes us into the mysterious mind of Dr Coppélius, as lonely and disillusioned toy maker who wishes he could bring his dolls to life to find his perfect bride. CBJ's contemporary retelling of the story will delight children of all ages.
2018 - 2019 Coppélia Tour:
Cmbridge ON September 16. 2018. Ottawa, ON Ovtober 19. 2018. Gurlph, ON Januay 20. 2019. Nelson, BC February 2. 2019. Duncan, BC February 7, 2019. West Vancouver.BC February 10 - 11. 2019. Chilliwack BC. February 14. 2019. Maple Ridge BC. February 15. 2019 Vernon. BC. February 20. 2019. Cranbrook BC. February 22. 2019. Medicine Hat. AB. February 24. 2019. Ft. Saskatchewan AB. Debruary 28. 20119. Spruce Grove, AB. March 2. 2019. Sheridan, Wyoming. March 8 - 9. 2019. Camrose. AB. March 14. 2019. Fort Murray. AB. March 16. 2019. Brandon MB. March 21. 2019. Flin Flon. MB. 2019. March 23. 2019. Summersede. PEI. 2019. April 7. 2019. Halifax. NS. April 12 - 14. 2019. Frederiction. NB. April 17. 2019. Saint John. NB. April 20. 2019.

The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition.

Choreographed by Bengt Jörgen to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's beloved score, the ballet is set in and around Algonquin Park in 1912 and features Trillium flowers, loons and other distinct Canadian representations replacing the traditional Nutcracker dfances. Designed by aqard-qinning Sue Lepage, the sets and costumes take audiences on a grand journey through northern landscapes filled with snowflakes, Mounties, raccoons, chipmonks, bears and other creatures of the woods.\

2018 - 2019Nutcracker Tour.
Weyburn. SK. November 14. 2018. Regina SK. November 16. 2018. Saskatoon. SK. November 18. 2018. Swift Current. SK. November 21. 2018. Peterborough. ON. November 29. 2018. North Bay .ON. December 2. 2018. Hamilton. ON. December 8. 2018. Brantford. ON. December 9. 2018. Ottawa. ON. December 12 - 15. 2018. St. Catharines. ON. December 19. 2018. Guelph. ON. December 20 - 21. 2-18. London. ON. December 23. 2018. Kitchener.ON. December 28. 2018. Markham. ON. December 30. 2018.

Atlantic Canada Tour

Bengt Jorgen Artistic Director & CEO of Canada's Ballet Jörgen, today announced that the company will reach every Atlantic province as it continues its cross-country tour of Anastasia.
Canasa's Ballet Jörgen opens its Atlantic tour with school performances in Summerside and Georgetown, Pei today. The company will perform Anastasia in Moncton, New Brunswick. The company will give nine perormances of Anastasia in seven communities across the region.
The company is excited to continue its partnership with Symphony Nova Sdotia and its three Halifax performances will eature live musical accompanient.
Choreographed by MJörgen and set to an original full orchestral score by Russian/Canadian composer Ivan Barbotin. Anastasia tells the tragic story pf the 17 year old Grand Suchess and the mystery surrounding her disappearance in the summer of 1918. The human drama of a young girl born to privilege and xast out into a world of immense heartache proves an extraordinarily gripping tale. The ballet explores the emotions, aspirations, and affections of this lovable yet contoversial character as the world transforma around her.
Each performance of Anastasia will also include students from the local dance schools. Their participation is made possible through Canada's Ballet Jörgen Local Particip[ation Program which gives performance opportunities to aspiring young dancers in every community the cmpany visits.
In addition to its Anastasia performances, Canasa;s BalletJörgen will offer education and outreach programming throughout the region. In addition to stops on Prince Edward Island the company willl offer school and community performances during its two week Newfoundland tour.

Anastasisia Performances.
Moncton NB April 10 at 7.30pm
Halifax Ns April 13 at 11.30am April 14 at 7.30pm April 15 at 2pm.
Corner Brook NL April 18 at 7.30pm
Gancer NL April 20 at 7.30pm
St. Johns NL April 22 at 7.30pm
Grand Falls NL April 24 at 7.30pm
Stephenville NL April 26 at 7.30pm

Tickets https//


Corner Brook NL April 1, 17, 19, & 27. 2018 (8 events).
McKay's NL April 16. 2018 (one event)
Gander NL April 19 & 20. 2018 (2 events)
St John's NL April 21 & 23 (8 events)
Grand falls Windsor NL April 23 ( 2 events)
Portugal CoveSt. Philips NL April 23. 2018 (one event)
Stephenville NL April 25 & 27. 2018 (2 events)
Bishop's Falls NL April 25 (one evwnt)




The National Ballet of Canada


Opera - Canada


Theatre - Canada


Courthouse theatre
Festival Theatre
Royal George Theatre

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Ticket information and brochures can be obtained through the Shaw Festival Box Office or website:

eCourthouse theatre




Festival Theatre

The Magician's Nephew

The Song and the Light are coming from that Lion

Take a magical, spectacvular plunge into Narnia... at its very beginning. Young digory and his friend Potly stumble on a way toexplore other worlds - but accidently unleash a malevolent queen who could destroy every world.
Season: April 4 - October 14. 2018.

Granhd Hotel

Check into the lavish Grand Hotel where the lives of ten hotel guests collide over one unforgettable night. Love, Betrayal, Jealously, Murde4r. And the glamour of Berlin in the Roaring Twentties. Soaring with songs and dance, it's the mesmerising musical about what happens when our deepest, most desperate passions are unleashed,
Season: May 3 - October 14. 2018

Mythos: A Trilogy Gods, Heroes, Men

Let me tell you a story. It's all about you.

Written and starring Stephen Fry.

One of the world's greatest storytellers, telling the world's greatest stories. In this trilogy of plays (if you are quick you can see them all) =, Stephen Fry takes the stage in the company of the Greek gods, heroes and men whose gripping tales still echo today. Laugh-out-loud funny,mind-blowing and often personal, Mythos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the icon himself.
Season: May 24 - July 15. 3018

The Hound of the Baskervilles

You be careful ,now. Dangerous place the moor.

It's the return of the murder mystery to The Shaw.
Sir Percival Baskerville has been scared to death-literally. Now detective genius Sherlock Holmes is on the case to find the murderer .. with twist after twist to keep you guessing. Darkly fun, deliciously sly and just the rightamount of suspense.
Season: August 1 - October 17. 2018



Royal George Theatre

Stage Kiss

Two bitter exes are cast in the same play as passionate lovers. Will they stragle each other? Or seduce each other?
And how can we tell if it's real of make-believe?
Hearfelt and hilarious, this modern roamntic comedy by Pulitzer Prize finalsit Sara /ruhl will ake you behind the cirtain on a whole new level.
Season: April 11 - September 1. 2018

On Marriage and Men: A comedy double- bill

Two of the best short plays about marriage in a single show! In How He Lied to her Husband, find out what a man will do for the lady he loves - and how unexpected the consequences can be.
In The Man of destiny, Napoleon must defend his wife's honou - but can he?
Season: May 13 - Septembe 2. 2018.

O'Flaherty VC

Young Dennis O'Flaherty has been sent back from the front to recruit moer Irishmen to the war. The ony problem? He neglected to tell his Irish Nationalist mother he's fighting for the English.
Packed with family feuding and witty repartee, this Bernard Shaw one-act skewers every illusion about why we fight.
Lunchtime one-act.
Season: May 31 - October 6. 2018

Oh What a Lovely War

This provocative WWI musical is known to make audiences laugh, cry and clench their fiss - all within a single number. This fiercely funny, piercing musical will make you see war in a new light. Follow a band of singing, dancing Canadians soldiers into the Great War and rediscover the spirit behind "Lest We Forget".
Season: July 14 - October 13. 2018

A Christmas Carol

What's Christmas to you, but a time for finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer?

Ebenzer Dcrooge is a miserable old miser. But when three ghosts decide to swoop in overnight, he gets the wake-up call of a lifetime.
this charming Christmas classic by Charles Dickens has one of life's most inspiring questions at its heart: what - and who - will really matter in the end? fun for everyone ( even Scrooge).
Season: November 14 - December 23. 20-18


Jackie Maxwell Studio Theatre

The Orchard (After Chekov)

"No blossomsm no harvest,. no money. Ah! The power of nature."

It's Chekov's The Cherry Orchard - transformed into the tale of a Punjabe-Sikh family fighting to hold on to their OPkanagan slley orchard.
Basd on Sareena Parmer's own childhood in British Columbia, this fresh adaptation confronts life, loss and the Canadian immigrant experience with boh bravery and beauty.
Season: June 7 - September 1. 2018

Baroness and the PIg.

Emily. we must act properly.

An idealistic 19th century baroness has found her next maid o a feral girl who can barely speak, let alone keep house. Now it's just a matter of socialising her ... right?
Part Pygmanlion, part wildly original buddy comedy,, this heart-warming Canadian play cuts to the coer of what it means to be 'civilisaed' and to be human.
Season: June 10 - October 6. 2018

Henry V

I am afeard there are few die well that die in battle.

A troop of Candian soldiers is hunkered down ina dugout during WWI with soem copies of Shakespeare's Henry V FOR COMPANY. as they enter the death-haunted, morally ambiguousd world of the play, the play enters theirs.
This imaginative spin on Shakespeare is a powerfull exploration of what it means - and costs - to fight for king and country.
Season: July 22 - October 28. 2018


The Princess of Wales Theatre

300 King St. Toronto

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Centaur TheatreCompany
photographer DANIELLE dEMERS
Bookings: 514 288 3161


The Baklawa Recipe

1960s Quebec juxtoposed with contemporary society seen through the immigrent lens. Two young Lebanese women emigrate from their homeland to start new lives in Ville-St-Laurent. Forever bound they marry two Canada0born Lebanese brothers, they struggle to integrate the traditional female roles of their vlose-knit community with the emerging face of the independent woman of the feminist movement. The mothers and their first-generation Canadian daughters personify the challenges of living between two worlds. Two generations of women, their joys and compexities, as warm and sweet as Baklawa.
Season: January 23 - February 18. 2018.

La Québec des années 1960 juxtopsé à la société comtemporaine vu à travers l'optique de l'immigrant. Deux jeunes femmes libanaises quittant leur pays natal pour commencer une nouvelle vie à Ville-St-Laurent. Â jamais liées quand elles épousent deux frères nés au Canada se parents libanais, elles luttent pour intégrer les rôles traditionnels de la femme de leur communauté tissée serrée à la figure émergante de la femme indépendante du movement féministe. Les mères t leurs filles canasiennes de première génération personnifient les défis de vivre entre deiux mondes : l'un façonné par leurs origines culturelles e l'autre par leur pays d'adoption. Deux générations de femmes, avec leurs joies et leurs complexités, aussi réconfortantes et douces que baklavas. De lauteure de la pièce bien-aimée des enfants.
D 23 janvier au 18 février 2018.


The Daisy Theatre

The Daisy Theatre is a world-renowned Canadian puppet mastermind Ronnie Burkett unleashed and unscripted in an hilarious one-man cabaret packed with 40 of the most outrageous characters you'll ever encounter. Manipulating and voicing the entire rogue's gallery, meet Canada's oldest and worst actress Miss Lilian Lunkhead, chantreuse Jolie Jolie, marionette ventriloquist Meyer Lemon, and lounge singer Rosemary Focaccia. The ridiculous, tender, or bawsy antics of Daisy Theatre favourites Esme Massengill, Mrs Edna Rural and beloved fairy child Schnitzel, lampooning theatre, opera, music hall, Vegas and caudeville in a nightly improv, have audiences coming back for seconds and thirds.
"IMPORTANT NOTE: Children under 16 will notr be admitted.
Season: February 20 - March 25. 2018. T

The Daisy Theatre est loeuvre du marionnrttiste génie ronnie Burkett, un Canadien de renommée mondiale, qui lâche tout son fou dans ce spectacle de cabaret solo improvisé et peuplé des 40 personnages les plus outranciers qu'il ne vous a jamais été donné de rencontrer. ZManipulant et prêtant sa voix à toute une galerie de gredins, Ronnie BGurkett nous fait découvrir Miss alilliswn Lunkhead, la plus vielle actrice canadienne et aussie la pire, la chantreuse Jolie Jolie. le ventrikoque marionnettiste Meyer Lemon, at la chanteuse de salon Rosemaryu Focaccia. Les bouffonneries tnedres, ridicules ou pallardes des personnages favoris du Daisy Theatre comme Esme Massengill, Mrd Edna Rural et Schnitzel, l'enfant chéri, livrées tantôt doud forme de théâtre satirique, d'opera, de music-hall, de vaudeville ou de revues de type Vegas font de cntte soirée improvisation une fantaisie que le public redemande.
Du 20 f évrier au 25 mars 2018.


A new family saga about twoe second generation Italian-Canadian brothersL an uptight upwardly mobile lawyer running for office and his jid brother, who'd rather party than work. After the sudden death f their parents, they must decide whether to hold on to the family home, a runsown relic stuffed to the gills with memopries, secrets and a lifetime of worthless junk. To move forward they need to let go but at what cost to their relationship. Written by Michaela Di Cesare.
Season: April 19 - May 6. 2018.

De la créatice primée de la comédie à succèss, 8 Ways My Mother was Conceived, et d'une des piéces favorities du Wildside, In Search of Mrs Pirandello, nous arrive une nouvelle saga familiale à propos de deux frères d'origine italienne, Canadiens de deuxième genération : un avocat honnêtem en pleine ascension aociale et en lice pour les pouchaines élections, et son jeune frère, plus intéressé par la fête que par le travail. Après la mort soudaine de leurisd parents, ils doivent décider s'ils gardent la maison familiale, une vieille maison délabrée bouirrée à craquer de souvenirs, de secrets at de pacotilles amassés durant toute une vie. Pour avancer, ils doivent lacher prise, mais à quel pour relation?
Du 10 avril au 6 mai 2018.



The 2015 quadruple META-winning production by Montreal's Tableau D'Hôte Theatre, and the first ever professional English production of Micahel Tremblay's seminal success in the playwright's home town Hosanna, a.k.a. Claude Lemieux, returns home in tears after being cruelly bedtrayed by her lover and friends at a Halloween party. Over the course of one tumultous evening that volleys dizzily between catty quips and gut-wrenching honesty, the Cleopatra impersonator comes face to face with her deepest fears andd insecurities.In a world that forced her to wear a mask to fit in, will the need for love, to be seen for who she truly is, outeigh the dread of shedding her illusions?
Season: May 15 - Juine 10. 2018.

La quadruple gagnsnte de prix META 2015 se la compagnie montréalaise Tableau D'hote Theatre est également la première production professionelle en anglais de l'oeuvre de Michel Tremblay montée dans ls ville natale de l'auteur. Hosanna, alias Claude Lemieux, rentre en larmes àla maison aprés avoir sté cruellement trahie par son amant et ses amis lors d'un party d' Halloween. Au cours d'une soirée tumultueuse où boutades acerbes et révélations déchirantes d'honnêteté s'enchaînent à nous en donner le vertige, l'imitateur de Cléopâtre est forcé d'affronter ses peurs at ses insécurités les plus profondes. Dans un monde qui la force à porter un masque pour s'intégrer, est-ce que son besoin d'armour, son besoin d'être perçue pour ce qu'elle est vraiment, l'emportera sur sa crainte de perdre ses illusions?
Du 15 mai au 10 juin 2018.



Royal Alexandra Theatre. Toronto
Bookings: (855) 305-4877





Ballet - China


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Opera - China


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Theatre - China


\Because they cannot hear sound, they need to pay more hardships for every program. Their performance are beautiful and breathtaking. Audiences will feel their clinging pursuit of dreams and are deeply moved!

The program video as follows:   

They are a group of deaf-mute, and they have dreams.
They firmly believe the life always have dreams, and always have aspired.
Although their world are forever silence, they are sure the world in the dream have sound.

So, to our heart's content, they use their body to come true this dream, thereby arrive the colourful sound world




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Bookings: 020 7304 4000

The Royal Ballet

Based at the Royal Opera House, Convent Garden, The Royal Ballet is Great Britain's most prestigious ballet company and one of the great classical ballet companies in the world. Led by Director Kevin O'Hare, the Company has a wide-ranging repertory that showcases the great 19th century classics alongside heritage works including those of its two great 20th century chorepgraphers Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan. In addition, The Royal Ballet performs new works by Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor and Artistic Associate Shristopher Wheeldon, two of the foremost international choreographers of today. The Royal Ballet continues to create and encourage new choreography ans appointed Liam Scarlett as Artist in Residene in 2012.




The Royal Opera


the Royal Opera House is having its first commission with Victorian Opera of Australia in co-production of an adaptation of Neil Gairman;s much-loved novella Caroline, has opened to four star reviews and a sold0out season at London;s Barbican Centre.
Time Out London described the production as "a clever dark comedy about the end of childhood with a few good scares thrrown in".




. Bookings: Click Here




Click Here


The world's longest-running play of any kind, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is now in it's 60th year!

A West End staple for over 60 years, The Mousetrap is the longest consistently running play in the history of British theatre.

This world record breaking production continues to enthral, to entertain and to thrill audiences who still flock to the St Martin's Theatre from every corner of the globe. In her own inimitable style, Dame Agatha Christie has created an atmosphere of shuddering suspense and a brilliantly intricate plot where murder lurks around every corner....

The Mousetrap has been thrilling audiences from around the world for as long as Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne. They have shared Silver and Ruby jubilees and recently both enjoyed their Golden celebration.

During this phenomenal run there have been no fewer than 297 actors and actresses appearing in the play, 86 miles of shirts have been ironed and over 320 tons of ice cream sold. Some cast members are in the Guinness Book of Records, David Raven as the 'Most Durable actor' for 4575 performances as Major Metcalf, and the late Nancy Seabrooke for a record breaking 15 years as an understudy.

In 2000 the set was replaced for the first time during the run at St Martin's Theatre, still to the same design as the original. This task was completed over a weekend without the loss of a performance.

Join the millions who have already discovered whodunnit, but will not share their secret...

Bookings: Click Here




The Broadway Theatre
Bookings: 020 8690 0002

Main Theatre


The Studio Theatre


PH. 020 7452 3000

Cottosloe Theatre


Lyttelton Theatre


Olivier Theatre


The 02 Arena


Studio Theatre



West Yorkshire Playhouse

Booking: 0113 213 7700
Playhouse Square Quarry Hill, Leeds.



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Victoria Opear's first co-commission with Royal Opera House, convent Garden, an adaptationo of Neil Gaiman's much-loved nevella Caroline, has opened a raft of four-star reviews.
A horror fantasy for children, Coraline tells the storuy of a young girl on the cusp of puberty who finds a strange door in her parent's new home, which leads to a parallel flat where she id greeted by alternative vbersions of her parents with buttons sewn into their eyes. In 2009 it waqs adapted as a successful 3D stop-motion film.


Bavarian State Opera House


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Theatre Frieberg


Victoria Opear's first co-commission with Royal Opera House, convent Garden, an adaptationo of Neil Gaiman's much-loved nevella Caroline, has opened a raft of four-star reviews.
A horror fantasy for children, Coraline tells the storuy of a young girl on the cusp of puberty who finds a strange door in her parent's new home, which leads to a parallel flat where she id greeted by alternative vbersions of her parents with buttons sewn into their eyes. In 2009 it waqs adapted as a successful 3D stop-motion film.







Culteral Palace
Ulaan Bator





Royal New Zealand Ballet

2018 Season

The Royal New Zealand Ballet's much-loved regional touring programme returns in 2018. Tutus on Tour brings dancers from the RNZB to seven regional centres, with performances tailor-made for smaller venues, and suitable for all ages.  

Spread the word to family and friends around New Zealand. We’ll be taking the magic of ballet to all corners: from Gore to Kerikeri, Tauranga to Oamaru, as well as Hamilton, Taupo and Whanganui. The tour, with performances from March – December 2018, is brought to regional centres with the support of Ryman Healthcare.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to see your critically-acclaimed national ballet company performing highlights from their extensive repertoire, including classical and contemporary favourites and new works. With one show only in each centre, and tickets priced at just $25-$35 for adults ($10-$20 child) this is guaranteed to sell fast, so book now! 

The Piano: the Ballet

The 2018 season begins with a world premiere of a work inspired by Jane Campion's award-winning qunintessentially New Zealans film that captured ausdiences world wide.
This newly re-imagined full length work by Jirì Bubenicek, is presented in association with the New Zealand Festival and the Auckland Arts Festival. Ada's story is given a powerful new voice in dance and is accompanied by musical excerpts from Michael Nyman's iconic film score and works by classical music masters.
Season: February 26 - April 7. 2018.

Dancing with Mozart.

Choreographic titans George Balanchine and Jiri Kylián find inspiration in the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as the RNZB presents the first New Zealand performance of Balanchine's Divertimento No 15 and Kylián's Petite Mort and Seche Tänze alongside a new commission by Christchurch-born, UK- based choreographer Corey Baker.
Season: May 31 - July 8. 2018.

Strength & Grace/Women

To mark the 125th anniversay of women's sufferage in New Zealand and the RNZB's own 65th birthday the company looks to the future of dance, with a series of new commissions from female choreographers, durated by RNZB Artistic Director Patricia Barker.
Season: Augusdt 17 - 18. 2018.

The Ryman Healthcare Season of The Nutcracker.

Christmas comnes but ince a year, and or the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Christmas 2018 will be extra special, as the company stage a national tour if The Nutcracker for the first time since 2010. Offering festive enchantment for all ages, this is a Christmas gift for all the family.
Tchaikovky's magical and much-beloved score will be performed live in Wellington, Chrid=stchurch, Auckland and Dunedin; a specially made recording will accompany performances in other centeres.


RNZB appoints Artsitic Director.
The Royal New Zealand Ballet has appointed Patricia BGarker, a former prima ballerina and current Artistic Director of Grand Rapids Bsllet in Midhigan U.S.A. as the RNZB'S cew director.
RNZB Board Chair Steven Fyle says: "We are delighted to announce the appointment of Patricia Barker. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience having held positions of srtistiv leadership for more than a decade, following a distinguished career."
"From a large number of excellent applications from New Zealand and all over the world, the Board was greatly impressed by Patricia's vision for all aspects of the RNZB's activities, together with her experience as an artistic leader. Her knowledge of both contemporary and classical repertoire, as a dancer; coach and dorector also makes her an outstanding fit for the RNZB."

Patricia says" I am hopnoured and delighted top provide the artistic leadership to a company full of opportunity, achievenent and wth m unique creative voice and spirit. I will preserve the rich tradition of the Royal New Zealand Ballet while building on the company's imressiverepertoire by curating works to build on a distinctive New Zealand personality to enrich the lives of New Zealancers and a showcase our dancers' versatility to the world. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors, Frances Tuener and the staff to preesent a broad spectrum of accessible, stimulating and entertaining progamming to a diverse national audience and to present the RNZB as a culteral ambassafor of New Zwaland."









Auckland Theatre Company
Bookings:(09) 309 0390


BATS Theatre
1 Kent Terrace Mt. Victoria. Wellington

Circa Theatre

Bookings: 04 801 7992

Circa 1

The Lie

Michael and Lauren are coming to dinner. But Alice has spotted Michael kissing another woman that very afternoon leaving her with the dilemma... should she tell her friend what she saw or not. Her husband Paaul believes it is better to behave as if nothing happened. alice is far from sure. As their own relationship is held up to scrutiny .. it becomes clear hat some truths are better left unsaid. In affairs of the heart the line between truth and lis can be a dangerous one to cross.
Season: April 7 - May 5. 2018 Tuesday - Thursday at 6.30pm. Friday - Saturday 8pm. Sunday 4pm.


Circa 2


Celebrate crime writer Patricia Highsmith is living hidden away in the Swiss Alps and refusing to contact her publishers who are urging her to write another in he best selling Ripley series. a mysterious young man appears unannounced. Wil her love of fictional murders become a dangerous reality? What first appears to be a standard cat-and-mouse game soon becomes a dance to the death. Who is the cat and who is the mouse? And...who willmake it out of Switzerland alive? A sharp, gripping and sometimes witty two-hander exploring the final chapter in the life of Patricia Highsmith.
Season: March 17 - April 14. 2018 Friday 16th & Saturday 17th 8pm shw onloy. Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm Sunday 4.30pm




The Civic Theatre



Downstage Theatre

12 Cambridge Terrace
Te Aro
Ph. (04) 801 946



Massive Theatre Company
12 Cambridge Terrace Wellington
Bookings: 64 4 384 3840



St James Theatre
Bookings: 0800 TICKETTEK or (04) 384 3840





Capitol Theatre

17 Stamford Road.



Victoria Opear's first co-commission with Royal Opera House, convent Garden, an adaptationo of Neil Gaiman's much-loved nevella Caroline, has opened a raft of four-star reviews.
A horror fantasy for children, Coraline tells the storuy of a young girl on the cusp of puberty who finds a strange door in her parent's new home, which leads to a parallel flat where she is greeted by alternative vbersions of her parents with buttons sewn into their eyes. In 2009 it waqs adapted as a successful 3D stop-motion film.







San Francisco Ballet

As America's oldest professional ballet company, San Francisco Ballet has enjoyed a long and rich tradition of artistic "firsts" since its founding in 1933, including performing the first American production of Swan Lake and Nutcracker as well as the first 20th-century American Coppelia. San Francisco Ballet is one of the three largest ballet companies in the United States and currently presents more than 100 performances annually, bothlocally and internationally. Thh mision of SF Ballet is to share its joy of dance with the widest possible audience - in its community and worldwide - and to probe the highest calibre of dance training in its School. Under the directin of Heigi Tomasson, the Company has achieved an international reputation as one of the preeminient ballet companies in the world.

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American Airlines Theatre

- 227 West 42nd Street

Barrymore Theatre
243 West 47th Street



Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre
242 West 45th Street




Biltmore Theatre
261 West 47th Street. Booth Theatre
222 West 45th Street.
Broadhurst Theatre
235 West 44th Street

Broadway Theatre
1681 Broadway

Broadway's Circle in the Square Theatre
235 West 50th Street 212 239 6200

Brooks Atkinson Theatre
256 West 47th Street


Center for Jewish History
15 West 16th Street New York NY

. Cort Theatre
138 West 49th StreetGerald

Schoenfeid Theatre
236 West 45th Street

Helen Hayes Theatre
240 West 44th Street
Bookings: (212) 947-8844 and use Code RUSSNY & use Code RUSSNY

Henry Miller's Theatre
124 West 43rd Street..

Hilton Theatre
213 West 42nd Street

.Lincoln Center
70 Lincoln Plaza New York NY,
Ph. 212 721 6500

Lincoln Center Festival


Lincoln Center Out of Doors


Gerald W. Lynch Theater
at John Jay College


Alice Tully Hall

Gerald Finley, bass-baritone. Julius Drake, piano

Gerald Finley

Bass-baritone Gerald Finley is "a master" of the art of song saya the New York Times, epitomized by his readins of Schubert with collaborator Juliuas Drake, a pianist. The renowned Canadian vocalist once again gbrings the poet's touch to Schubert in this compelling recital that spirals out from the German lieder tradition to include Russian songs by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff alongside other surprises.
The Program:
Beethoven: Neue Liebe, neues Leben, OP 75, No 2; Wonne der Wehmut, Op 83, No 1; Mit einem gemalten Band, Op 83, No 3, Aus Foethes Faust, Op 75, No 83.
Schubert: Prometheus Geistes-Gruss, D, 142, An den Mond, D,269, Rastlose Liebe, D, 138, An Scheager Kranos, D, 369, Schäfers Klagelied, D, 121, Wandrers Nachtlied II, D, 768, Erlkönig, D,328
Tchaikovsky: Don Juan's Serenade, Op.38, No 1, At the Ball, Op.38, No.3, None, but the lonely heart, Op. 6, No.6, Over burining ashes, OP. 25, No.2.
Rachmaninoff: O stay, my love, Op.4, Nop.1, V molochan

i nochi taynoy ("IN the Silence of the Night") Op.4, No.3, Fate, Op. 21, No. 1, ON the Death of a Linnet, Op. 21, No.8, Christ is Risen, OP.26, No. 6, Spring Waters, Op. 14, No. 11.
Selection of favourite filk songs.
Season: Wednseday May 2. 2018 at 7.30pm.


Longacre Theatre
220 West 48th Street

-Fontaine Theatre
205 West 46th Street

Lyceum Theatre
149 West 45th Street

Marquis Theatre
1535 Broadway
Bookings: 800 955 1045 -

Music Box Theatre
239 West 45th Street

New York City Centre
New York City Center
131 West 55th Street
Bookings: (212) 581-1212



The Public Theatre
425 Lafyette St. New York City
Bookings: 212-967-7555

Samuel Friedman Theatre
261 West 47th Street

Studio 54 -
254 West 54th Street

Neil Simon Theatre
250 West 52nd Street

Nederlander Theatre
208 West 41st Street

Prudential Center

Richard Rodgers Theatre
226 West 46th Street

Square Theatre
West 50th Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue

Stephen Sondheim Theatre
124 West 43rd StreetTheatre TBD.

The Eugene O.Neill
230 West 49th Street

The Palace Theatre
1564 Broadway

The Schubert Theatre
225 West 44th StreetWalter Kerr Theatre
219 West 48th Street




Atlantic Theatre Company STAGE 2
(330 West 16 Street)


Brooklyn Academy of Music
Harvey Theatre
651 Fulton Street.


Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre
111 West 46th Street.

Black Box Theatre


The Laura Pels Theatre


Classic Stage Company
136 East 13th Street


Linda Gross Theatre - 336 West 20th Street




Manhatten Theatre Club


Stage 1

The Studio at Stage II




Soho Playhouse
15 Vandam Street



The Pershing Square Signature Center
480 West 42nd Street

The Alice Griffin Jewelbox Theatre.

The Irene Diamond Stage


The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre
480 West 42nd Street

Signature Center



The End Stage


Madison Theatre
Molloy College, Rockville Centre.


MTC at New York Center-Stage
131 West 55th Street


The 45th Street Theatre
354 W. 45th Street


Theater for the new Ciy
155 First Avenue


La Mama
Bookings: 212 475 7710


Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank NJ.



The Colonial Theater
Pittsfield MS.


Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
New Bedford MA


The Music Hall
Portsmouth NH


Music Center at Strathmore
North Betheseda MD


Benedum Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh PA


Franklin Theatre
Franklin TN


Crown Theatre
Fayetteville NC


UGA Performing Arts Center
Athens GA


Mercer Theatre
Sabannah. GA


Parker Playhouse
Broward Center
Fort Lauderdale FL


Yonkey Theatre
Lakeland FL


Capitol Theatre
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater FL


Flagler Auditorium
Palm Coast FL









The Peter Norton Space
555 West 42nd Street


Theatre Row
410 West 42nd Street

The Acorn Theatre



The 5th Avenue Theatre

Booking:Toll Free
888-5TH-4TTX or 206-625-1900.

Rose Rabbit.Lie
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Vegas Nocturne by Spiegelworld

Ross Mollison's Spiegelworld is operating from the new social club Rose.Rabbit.Lie. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Reinventing the oncept of the immense supper clubg of a bygone era, the venue combines bar, restaurant, nightclub and tickets show all under the one roof and into one evening's experience for those patrons who choose to go to it.
|Celeberities walking the red carpet at the weekend's grand opening included Neil Patrick Harris and Australia's own Human Nature who have a resident show in Las Vegas.
The anchor ticketed entertainment at the club is Vegas Nocturne, created by Spiegelworld and directed by former Sydney Theatre Company director Wayne Harrison. Each night an epic seven hours of material unfolds, involving 38 performers from around the world. No two patrons can possibly witness the same thing. Other Australians on the creative team include Academy-winning costume designer Angus Strathie and choreographers Dein Perry, Gideon Obarzanek and Lucas Newland.
Visitors to Rose Rabbit,Lie. first enter an octagonal, mansion-like antechamber with eight doors each leading to different places. This id the opulent home of debonair millionaire Alfonsono Buzukhov and his crass sister Beverly, their servants and a host of eccentric characters. Whether you choose to order a craft cocktail in the study where old 45s can be played on a record player, or sit sown to dinner in the libgrary there is always something unexpected going on around you.
One dining area offers a "backstage" view of the big room's show where sofa's, chairs and VIP boxes circle the dtage and bars line each side wall.
The 8pm performance or 'canto' of Vegas Nocturne is a 90-minute revue of neo-vaudeville and acrobatics that radically extends on the concepts of Spiegelworld's acclaimed spiegeltent shows.
Ross Mollison for Vegas Nocturne, had assembled some of the world's greatest artists including Captain Frodo, David O'Mer (Bath Boy) and Piff the Magic Dragon as well as acrobats, contortionists, singers, beat-boxers, tap dancers, fire breathers and comic actor.
At 10pm the seating is reduced from 500 to 200, and the show is short term with different content. At midnight it's shorter still, seueing into a riotuous dance club enviroment with a DJ as the wall panels open up, unifying the different into more of a single space.




Roxy Regional Theatre

100Franklin Street.
Clarkesville Tennessee
Bookings: (931) 645 7699





Aurora Theatre Company
2081 Addison St. Berkeley. CA.
Bookings: (510) 843-4822.


Eureka Day

At forward-thinking Eureka Day School, all decisions are made by consensus and everyone's opinion is valued. But when a crisus puts their children in danger, it turns out that Eureka Day parents have different opinions of safety. The debate over vaccinations hits home in this comedy of liberal manners, as the school community confronts the central question of our era: how do you find consenus when you can;t agree on the facts?
Season opens April 13 - 22.. 2018

Dry Powder

After throwing himself a lavish engagement party in the same week his private equity firm forced job cuts at a national retailer, Rick is facing a PR disaser complete with angry protesters and scathing editorials. Luckily one of his Managing directors has the ideal fix: a cheap buyout of an American manufacturer that will grow jobs and save face.
Season opens JUne 22. 2018.

Timon of Athens

Timon of Athens tracks two parallel lives; that of Ti,on, a ridh philanthropist, and that of Alcibiades a military commander.
Both men are betrayed by the people of Athens, but face their betrayals in stark contrast.

This beautiful and bitter satire inspired much of Samuel Beckett's work, three and half centuries later.
Season: March 30 - April 23. 2018


Concert Hall, Californian Center for the Arts
Escondido CA.



La Mirada Performing Arts Center
La Mirada California


McCallum Theatre
Palm Desert CA









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