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Opera in the Vineyard
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Opera Australia
Opeara State Theatre
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2019 Season

Two Weddings. One Bride

The governor is in a pickle,
Those bankers are so fickle!

He's stretched the state
purse a little too far and his
creditors will soon come

But twin daughters he's got,
so he hatches a plot, which
might save hime from a
royal bollicking!

A double wedding could
save the day, but when
pesky pirates get in the way,
it's uo to Girolfé to make
things OK.

Set sail for French Morocco where the champagne flow, the clothes are fabulous and the music is never dull.
Season: November 7, 8, 9. 2019 at 7.30pm Matinees at 2pm November 9, 10. 2019


When Pavarotti sang out the top B in Rossini's Nessun dorma across a huge crowd at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, the world collectively held its breath. S generation of football fans were learning what opera was all about - music that can transport you to another world, another place, a place where emotion wells up inside you a the sound of a single note.
Truthfully, a few of the millions pf people who watched that broadcast had an inkling of what poewer of that music can be. Few had seen Turandot - Puccini's opera about a brutal princess and an impssibly brave suitor, who wll make any sacrifice ti win her love.
Turandot is a fancy opera of poetry and myth, set in an exotic world where fear and love go hand in hand and death is always just around the corner. Nessun dorma is just one of its magnificent moments.
Season: November 21, 23, 26, 28. December 2, 4, 6. 2019. Evening at 7.30pm Saturday matinee November 30. 2019 at 1pm.


Faust intends to win his heart;s desires, even if it costs him his soul. Led into temptation by the charming Mephistophélès, the ageing academic swaps moral restraint for a salacious journey through life's earthly pleasures. But as the lives around him start to unravel, the devil itr seems, is in the detail.
Sir David McVicar's grand production sets the opera in the composer's own time, the decadence aand cebauchery of the 1870s Paris. Between towering cathedral columns and the crumbling proscenium arch of the theatre, /faust;s terrible pact plays out in all its sinister splenour.
And dplendour it is, Charles Eswards' stunning sets recreate iconic Paris landmarks, including a colorful Cabaret de L'Enfer, an opera box from the {alais Garnier and the organ loft of Notre Dame.
Brgitte Reffenstuel's lavish costumes are truly spectacular. The images are at once delightful and disturbing, a reminder that given the chance, any one of us might tumble down Faudt;s road.
Season: November 27, 29, December 3, 5. 2019 at 7pm. Saturdqay matinee December 7. 2019 at 12.30pm.


After sell-out productions including South Pacific, The King and I and most recently the 0th anniversary production of My Fair Lady Opera Australia and John Frost again create one of the greatest worke of musical theatre: the orinal West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber;s Evita, directed by Hal Prince and starring Tina Arena.
Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita is iconic, with more than 20 maqjor awards to its credit, including the Olivier and Tony Awards for Best Musical, golden globe and an Oscar.
This musical captured the attention of the public when it was first staged in 1978 and in its 40th year Andrew Lloyd Webber;s 70th year, the company is thrilled to bring this modern masterpiece to Austrqalian in all its original gloey.
Season: Tina Arena (except December 12, 19. 2019 at 730pm Decenber 30. 2019 at 1pm) Jemma Rix (December 12, 19. 2019 at 7.30pm December 30. 2019 a 1pm.)


2020 Season

Madama Butterfly

On tour in Japoan, the American sailor Pinkerton cannot wait to bed his Japanese bride. But he's alreadydreaming ofan American life with an American wife. When the ship departs, he condemns Butterfly to purgatory.
This new production s by Australia's most famous choreographer Graeme Murphy. It's a contemporary look at Puccini's alluring heroine. He captures the grace and gravity of the tale that begins in rapturous love and ends in cruel hertbreak.
The productiion features floor-to-ceiling LED panels as a dynamic set. Fragments of film flutter across the stage. Puccini's sublime music imbues this ageless story with beauty from the irrepressible aria En bel di (One Fine Day) to the intensefinale.
Season: May 6 - 28. 2020.


Elsa stands accused f a horrible crime. She prays for a champion and a noble knight appears. But his help comes with a condition: she must never ask his name. does true love demand blind faith?
Lohengrin is a fantastical domance. It's filled with shimmering string passages and engelic choruses u=including the famous Bridal March. Wagner described his music as "streams of gold ravishing the senses of the beholder."

Johannes Fritzsch conducts a stunning cast, Jennifer Davis as Elsa, while Edna Gabouri sings the conniving Ortrud, Alexander Krasnov performs as Telramund, and Dafvid Butt Philip makes his Australian debut as the noble Lohengrin.
D=Season: May 16 - 29. 2020.


The King of the Huns meets is match

No one can stand before Attila and his hordes, until a warrior woman turns his head. As he opens his heart to his prisoner Odabella, the barbarian king reveals his weakness.
So the scene is set for one of the great revenge operas of the 19th century: an early Verdi in the vein of Aida.
Director David Livermore fuses video projections with colossal set pieces to create an awe-inspiring world for Atrila.

In the prelude a mournful cello draws you down into the gravity and turmil of war. Verdi's score is full of darkness rhythm and life, displaying the composer's gift for creating emotion

Season: May 25 - 30. 2020

Fiddler on the Roof

Experience Fiddler on the Roof (A Fidler afn Dakh) in a new way - performed in Yiddish, the language of Tevye and his family.
Fiddler on the Roof has captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences around the world for over 55 years with its humour, warmth and honesty. It follows the heart-warming journey of a family whose traditions are turned upside down as the modern world starts to effect life in their idyllic village. this classic tale is a celebration of life, love, family and ultimately a story of hope.
Season: November 15 - December 20. 2020



Chamber Made Opera




Cordella's Potted Opera




Jonny Strikes Up!

Staged concert performance.

Composed by the then 26 year old Ernst Krenek (1900 - 1991) Jonny blends sumptious opera with riotous jazz and dance music to create a genre-defying, epoch-defying, comedy-drama, that for the first time put the sounds and sensibilities of the modern city on the opera stage.
The opera tells the stoiry of Max, an infrospective conposer who finds his otherworldly sensibilities challenged by a free-spirited opera singer, Anita, with whom he falls in love.
Through Anita, Max learns to reconcile himself to the pace and confusion of city life ad take control of his own future.
Max's personal transformation is mirrored in a sub-plot in which Jonny, an Afro-American hazz musucian, steals a valuable violin from the self-regarding virtuoso Daniello, with the helpof his girlfriend Yvinne. The opera concludes with Max departing for America to the exuberant sounds of Jonny's music 'striking up.'
Season: One night only November 4. 2019.



Melbourne Opera
Bookings: Ticketmaster 9650 1500


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Opera Studio
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Savoy Opera
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Victorian Opera

Bookings: 1300 723 038


2019 Season

The Barber of Seville

Prepare fpr an evening of huge laughs with Rossini's most popular opera, which offers a delightful romp full of farcical frivility.
Festuring some of opera's most recognisable music, this madcap masterpiece is a paean to impertinence that will make you beam with joy and grin with delight.
Count Almaviva is hopelessly in love with the beautiful young Risina but first he must prise her from the clutches of her guardian, the lecherous Doctor Bartolo. Lucky for them, the flamboyant and and cunning town barber Figaro has a few tricks up his sleeve/
Season: Thursday November 21, 2019 Venue: Princess Theatre Launceston.
Thursday Decenber 12 and Saturday December 14. Venue" Melbourne Recital Centre. Elizabeth Murdoch Hall

The Selfish Giant

Best knaown for his witty comedy of manners and novella The Picture of Dorian Gray, the multi-faced Oscar Wilde also delved into the enchanting verse of fairy tales, producing splendid creative gems such as The Gentle Giant."
This season's Youth Opera s about the necessity of opening to the unknown in order to enrich our lives. A grumpy giant excludes children from his garden cauising it to fall into perpetual winter.
Only once he findfs the love and generosity to welcome back children, does his gardenflourish with life and restre his happiness.
Season: Thursday October 17, Friday 18 & Saturday 19. 2019. Venue: Gasworks Theate Albert Park

2019 Special Events

December Friday 13. 2019 - Richard Mills at the Melbourne Recital Centre.
In recognition of major milestones, and significent birthdays, Victorian Opera, Melbourne Recital Centre and Orchestra Victoria are celebrating the music of Richard Mills in a one-off concert.
His seminal influence on the Australian musical landscape over the past four decades is homoured with a musical party of a lifetime.

Three Tales - Music Workshop

Following an exclusive livestreamed preview on 2017, Victorian Opera invited you to wotness the next step of development of ots upcoming commission Thee Tales - a trio of new operas based on the legendary French author Flaubert's Tres Contes.
Hear the completed works in their rawest form in an intimate concert ahead of a fully steged production in 2020.


2020 Season


The image of Salome kissing the head of John the Baptist (Jochanaan)at once repulses and fascinates, permeating popular culture from classical painting to theatre. Based on Oscar Wilde's notoriuos play, Strauss' scandalous opera combines a biblical tale with sexual awakening, eroticism and murder, exploring the nature of desire and outer limits of human behaviour.
Irrestible Salome, the teenage daugher of King Herod, overcome by her desire for the prophet Jochanaan. After his rejection, she takes her revenge by demandinf his head.
Season: February 22, 25, 27, 2020 at 7.30pm. VenueL Palais Theatre St. Kilda.

The Who's Tommy

Legendary British band The Who extended the possibilities if rock n' roll to new horizons in the 1960s and 70s. From their iconic 1969 rock opera album tommy comes a five-time Tony Award winning musical - a high - energy, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience.
Tommy's traumatic childhood leaves his senses paralysed, but despite being deaf, dumb and blind, the teenager plays a mean pinball game. His extraordinary talent catapults him to international superstardom in this inspiring story of hope, healing and triumph ove aversity.
Season: August 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21. 2020 at 7.30pm Venue: Palais Theatre St Kilda.

Die Tote Stadt (The Dead City)

Admired by Mahler and Puccini, Korngold was only 23 when he composed this mysterioua and hallucinatory study of grief, memory and obsession. Based on a novella by Belgian Symbolist poet Georges Rodenbach, Die Tote Stadt (The Dead City) was one of the biggest hits of the 1920s but has rarely been staged since.
Unable to deak with the death of his wife, Paul retreats from the world to live in his memories. When he meets a dancer who bears an uncanny resemblence to his wife, his emotiohnal state rapidly unravels leading to hallucinations.
Season: August 21 at 7.30pm Venue: Hamer Hall.

Three Tales

Starkly realised omages, the extremes of human experience, the deceptive and ever-changing nature of reality form the narrative substance of Gustave Flaubert's Three Tales.
This new Australian opera assembles three talented comnposers to bring their unique styles to adaptation by Australian playwright David Keene.
A Simple Heart, the story of devoted servant Felicité. is realised by jazz saxophonist Zac Hurren and performed by much-loved singer-songwriter Katie Noonan.
Dermot Tutty explores the world of The Legend of St Julian the Hospitaller; following a man's transformation from the fierce conqueror and hunter to compassionate hermit.

The storyu of Salome and John the Baptist is revisited in Herodias, composed by Stefan Cassomenos.
Season: June 26, 2020 atr 7.30pm, JUne 27. 2020 at 1pm &

Die Freunde Von Salamanka (The Friends of Salamanca)

Known for his humanitym, Schubert loved gathering his friends for musical parties to share his latest songs. Never performed in his lifetime, this Schubert rarity is a unique opportuity to see the master songwriter bring his geniua to opera wioth a light-hearted singspiel about the amorous adventures of student united by friendsip.
Alonso, Diego and Fidellio live a carefree existance in the Spanish university town of Salamanca, surrounded by hills and vineyards. alonso needs a little help from his friends to rescue his love Olivia from the idiotic Count Formes, so they devise a cheeky prank to ensure she falls for Alonso. Love is in the air when the two groups f friends meet.
Season: September 25 at 7.30pm & 27. at 3pm & 7.30pm. 2020 Venue: Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse.

Cendrillon (Cinderella)

Charles Perrault's treaured fairy tale has enchated children for generations. With its magical transformation of poor servant girl, Cendrillon (Cinderella) to the belle of the ball with dazzling glass slippers, this beloved story is full of love, hope, and fantasy.
Season: Satruday June 13. 2020 at 11am, 2pm, 5pm. Venue: Arts Cente Melbourne Playhouse.

Margaret Fulton: The Musical

As Austral.ia's first culinary queen, Margaret Fulton long reigned supreme in the country's kitchens, she taught a growing nation how to cook. From uiches and scones to nasi goring and crème brùlée, her recipes revolutionised Australia's palate from 'meat and three veg' to the flavours of the world.
Based on the best selling autobiography I Sing for My Supper: Memories of a Food Writer, Margaret Fulton the Musical brings her inspiring story to the stage.
Season: September Tuesday 15, 2020 at 6.30pm Wednsesday September 16. 2020 at 1pm, Thursday & Friday September 17 & 18, 2020 at 7.30pm & Saturday Septembeeer 19, @020 at 1pm & 7.30pm. Veue: Arts Centre Melbourne Playhouse

Yma Sumac: The Peruvian Songbird

In the 1950s when musical exotica was all the rage, Yma Sumac was a sensation - an Incan princess who astounded American audiences with her five octave range and larger-than-life personality. She was a best-selling artist for Capital Records, toured the world and appeared in a movie with Charlton Heston. Her songs have been sampled in lounge music, hip hop and movie soundtracks.
This one-woman show is a passion for Helpmann Award-winning cabaret performer and soprano Ali McGregor, whose admiration for Sumac has led her acquiring a collection of the singer's jewellery and clothes in which she performs.
From the bird-like trills of Chunco to a mambo version of the Queen of the Night, McGregor brings her astounding voice to Sumac's music. B etween vocal pyrotechnics she tells the Sumac's story and her own journey discovering this fascinating artist.
Season: Thursday June 18 - Friday June 19. 2020 art 7.30pm & Saturday June 20, 2020 at 1pm & 7.30pm.

2020 Special Events

Greta Bradman Talks

What's Old What's New, thoughts on Fashion and Relevence in Music
Season: Thursday March 5. 2020 at 6.3-pm
Thursday March 19, 2020 at 6.30pm Veneu: Horti Hall, Hemstritch Studio

Baby Bilby Sings

Victorian Opera opens its doorsto toddlers and their families for a musical adventure and rhe foirst chance to experience opera. sing, listen, play and start a lifetime love of music.
Season: Friday March 13. 2020. at11am. Venue: Horti Hall, Hemstritch Studio

Trivia Night: The Biggest Opera Buff(A)

Who composedPellos and Melisance? What year did Peter Grime;s preniere? What was Richard Wagner's last opera?
Victorian Opera has combined their love of opera for a special one-off Victorian Opera Trivia Night.
Seaspnm: Friday March 27. 2020 at 7pm. Venue: Horti Hall, Hemstritch Studio.

Five Days in May

Cabaret Evening: Music at close range, confessional,. personal. songs that if they wwere cut - would bleed.
Friday May1,Friday May15, Friday May 29. 2020 at 7pm
Big Sing. Join the chorus and celebrate your love of singing. No experience necessary and all welcome.
Season: Friday
May 8, Friday May 22, Friday May 27, 2020 at 7pm. Venue: Horti Hall, Hemstritch Studio

Voice Concert

Victorian Opera's Youth Chorus Ensenmble (VOYCE) showcase their extraordinary talent in their annual concert.
Season: Tuesday June 16, 2020 at 7.30pm. Venue: Playhouse Arts Centre Melbourne

Glimpses from Ransom

Join Victorian Opera for a fascinating colloquirum about the legacy ofr Homer in opera. Featuring guest speakers PeterTregear and Kerry Murphy, hear excerots from Barry Conygham's new opera Ransom based on avid Malouf's retelling of the Iliad.
Saurday October 3. 2020 at 3pm. Venue: Hortu Hall Hemstritch Studio.

Yarra Valley Opera Festival

Yarra Valley Opera Festival
The Yarra Valley Opera Festival puts you. The audience, at its heart: it exists to move you with thrilling stories, superb music and astounding voices.
Hels in an intimate 250 seat pop-up theatre with tiered seating, let the story, music and singing reverberate acoustically around you, with brilliant sets, lighting and costumes your visual feast.
The Enchanted Pig
A delightful fairy-tale English opera with hilarious twists and turns.
October 18 – 25 at 7pm
October 10 -27 at 2pm. Venue; Olinda Yarra 17 MacIntyre Lane Yering.
Classic Italian opera through a new lens. Sung in English and re-scored for electric guitar, amplified orchestra, this well-loved Shakespearean epic turned modern-day fable of a murderous leader.
October 19 at 7pm.
October 26 at 2pm. Venue: 17 MacIntyre Lane Yering
Co human beings learn from the past mistakes? In 2019, as in 1643, individual whims and values associated with status form a lethal combination. A brilliant contemporary take on a roman story.
October 19 at 2pm.
October 26 at 7pm.
Venue: 17 MacIntyre Lane Yering.

A Very Very Very Short History of Opera.

Fresh from a string if standing ovations on the Viking Orion Cruise Liner, this romp through 400+ years of opera – in chronological order with slightly cheeky introductions – gives an overview of the development of style, music and insight into conventions and misconceptions!
October 25 at 2pm. Venue: Memo Hall 235 Maroondah Hwy. Healesville.
Satellite Events & Pop-ups
Famous tunes fill the Garden – as part of Open Garden Scheme Victoria.
October 27 at 1pm. Venue; Wingspread 1380 Myers Creek Road Toolangi.






Shoestring Opera|
Bookings: 61 3 9696 5116


Bookings : 61 2 9318 8200


The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart's classic comedy has been entertaining crowds for centuries, and between the witty, fast-moving libretto and the melodic, charming writing it's not hard to underatand why.
Musically, this is the ultimate ensemble opera, with brilliant trios, quartets, and even a famous sextet. Dramatically it's the opera with everything,lovers nd liasios, sidguises and tricks, lust and laughter.
The Couhntess lves the Count, but he's got designs on his pretty, witthy, servant Susanna. but it;s Susanna's wedding day, and Figaro has no plans of giving up his bride. During the crazy day of disguises, duplicity, desire and utter madness, the Count is going to get is comeuppance.
Season: October 18, 21, 23,. 25, 29, 30. November 1, 2. 2019 at 7pm. Saturday matinee October 26. 2019 at 12pm.

Il Viagggio A Reims

If Rossinin made a showreel of his best work, it would sound like Il Viaggio a Reims (The Journey to Reims). The prolific composer was unabashadly showing off when he wrote this incredible work, designed to dazzle the aristcracy at the crowning of Charles X and then disappear forever. The simple plot is a marvellous excuse for a string of fantastic arias and impressive ensemble pieces.
Because it;s so demanding ande expensive to stage, it's never been seen in Australia before. But in 2019 Rossini's exultant opera finally makes its Australian premiere, a spectacular vehicle for some of your favourite performers.
In Damiano Michieletto's playful take, the eccentric cast f characters find themselves in a gallery filled with the master works of art history. Velàzquez's enormous dresses jostle for space with Keith Haring's cheerful murals. Frida Kahlo and van Gogh compare self-portraits. It's a surreal worldm where artworks step out of the frame and come to life the moment of lights go out.
Delightful, surprising, spectacular and frivilous this co-production with Dutch National Opera and the Ropyal Danish Theatre is a perfect foil for Rossini's jubilant score.
Gaze at the world's most famous art through magnificent ( and thoroughly tongue-in-cheek) sets and costumes. Paolo Fantin and Carla Teti hacve recreated iconinc works with remarkable fidelity.
Season: October 24, 28, 30. 2019 at 7pm. Saturday October 26. 2019 at 7.30pm. Saturday matinee Novembe 2. 2019 at 12pm.

2020 Season

La Traviata on Sydney Harbour

Violetta is the life of every party. A courtesan with a heart of gold, she's free and free sprited. Could a little love change anything?
Arrive early t enjoy drinks or dinner at one of the five pop-up bars and restaurants on site. Drink in the view as the setting sun glimmers over the city skyline. Then take your seats in the con=mfortable randstand to enjoy a 'ravishing visual specatcle'
Season: March 27 - April 26. 2020. Venue; Fleet Stepd. Mrs Macquaries Point.

La Bohème

On a freezing Christmas Eve, love sparks. Two hands meet in the dark and four friends; lives change forever.
When Mimi meetsw Rodilfo, it's love at first touch. They head out to bustling Café Momus, where the feisty Musetta and Marcello rekindle their relationship. But even the deepest love can't warm a freezing winter. The bohemians have some growing up to do.
Set among the fishnets and fairy lights of 1930s Berlin, this is one of Opera Australia's most popular attractions.
Season: January 2 -30. 2020. Venue: Joan Sutherland Theatre Sycey Opera House.


In the colourful streets of a colonial city, carmen is a red hot spark.

She sings her siren song and syddenly, Don José's world id a light wih a volatile fire.
This vibraant productionof Bizet's opera features glamorous girls and bullfighting boys in eye-popping colours. There are smugglers in suits, parades and punches, lust and loathing aplenty.
Irrstible Spanish tunes include the famous Toreador Song and the flirty Habaners. Underneath those infectious rhythms, the dark undercurrent of fate pulses. Carmen knows she's dancing with death.
Season: January 11 - March 26. 2020. Venue Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House.

Don Giovanni

He's Mad. He's Bad.
He's Dangerous.
But damn him to hell, his serenades are devine.
It's the last day of Don Gipvanni's life but he doesn't know that.
For opera's own Casanova, it's just another day of pleasure seeking. Stealing a bride on her wedding day. Breaking into a woman's bedroom in the dead of the night. Killing her furious father.
|but before the curtain even rises, Mozart reveals his fate. An earth shattering chord from the orchestra signals the gates of hell clanging open. Don Giovanni'd cebauched days are at an end.
When e hears a voice from beyond the grave, warning of imending punishment, Don Giovanni has no fear. Half-mocking half-earnest, he invites the statue of the man he's just killed to dinner. Will he come?
Season: January 24 - February 27. 2020. Venue: Joan Sutherland Theatree. Sydney Opera House.


What would you give up your soul for?

Faust intends to win his heart's desires, even if it costs him his soul.
The charming Mephistophélès offers him a salacious journey through life'spleasures. Faust bargains away eternity and dives right in, But as the lives around him start to unravel, the devil, it seems, is in the detail.
This grand production sets the opera in the decadence and debauchery of 1820's Paris. Cathedral columns tower behind a crumbling proscenium arch, where Faust;s terrible pact plays out in all its sisnister splendour.
Season: February 10 - March 11. 2020. Venue: Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House.


The King of the Huns meets is match

No one can stand before Attila and his hordes, until a warrior woman turns his head. As he opens his heart to his prisoner Odabella, the barbarian king reveals his weakness.
So the scene is set for one of the great revenge operas of the 19th century: an early Verdi in the vein of Aida.
Director David Livermore fuses video projections with colossal set pieces to create an awe-inspiring world for Atrila.

In the prelude a mournful cello draws you down into the gravity and turmil of war. Verdi's score is full of darkness rhythm and life, displaying the composer's gift for creating emotion

Season: March 12 - 28. 2020 Venue: Joan Sutherland Theatre Sydney Opera House


Verdi's monomental music makes this historic epic an enduring favourite. Davide Liverore's radiant production is a thrilling theatrical experience.

Ten towering digital screens creat ever-changing floor-to-ceiling set pieces. Immersive digital viseo design ranges from rich symbolism to vivid landscapes.
Opulent costumes and props reflect the splendour of Egypt at the height of its power. Together whith dramatic video, the massed grandeur of the famous triumphakk March is a visual and musical feast.
This a story of love so strong it defies enemy
this is the story of a kingdom in triumph and a
|}nation in chains.
this is a story of betrayal.
Season: June 25 - August 10. 2020.

Roberto Devereux

Elizabeth ruled her country. But she couldn't rule his hear.

Elizabeth has been the Virgin Queen too long. She relishes the attention of a younger courtier: the ambitious Roberto Devereux. But Devereux stands accused of treason. Elizabeth has to choose between her country and her heart.
this tale of love, lust and betrayalin teh tudor royal court strays a long way from history, but makes a sensational plot. Add Donizzetti;s luxurious music, a brilliant cast and an extraordinary new production, and it becomes a must see.
Season: Jume 20 - July 16. 2020. Venue: Joan Sutherland Theatre Sydney Opera House.

La Juive

A young couple begin a dangerous passionate affair. In their world a Jew cannot love a Christian>
The punishment is death. when it all comes out, Rachel faces two impossible choices. Deny her love, and save her lover. Deny her God, and save herself.
Secrets, sex and bitter religious rivalries lead to human tragedy on a grand scale. This is rare chance to revel inthe gorgeous music of one of the grand French operas. From stunning sacred choruses to impassioned arias, Halvy's epic opera is a trea.
Season: July 14 - August 7. 2020. Venue" Joan Sutherland Theatre. Sydney Opera House.

Eugen Onegin

Tanyana is a dreamer, lost in romantic stories. When dashing Eugene Onegin walks into her world, she feels her oen love story begiing. But Onegin rejects her passion.
Eugene Onegin os the journey from what could be to what might have been. Between lies tragedy.
Tchaikovsky's sumptuous oera is a study in reminisce and regret.
Season: July 25 - August 8. 2020. Venue" Hoan Sutherland Theatre Sydney Opera House

The Secret Garden

When it premiered on Broadway in 1991, The Secret Garden took New York by storm. Toney /awards, national tours and international productions all followed. Now, for the first time in 25 years, this sensational musical returns to australia in all its glory.

Mary Lennox arrives at her uncle's farm to find sidtant grieving relatives and an uncared for garden. The story centres around the orohned Mary as she and a young gardener breathe new life into the secret garden. Mary blossoms too, and through this she tends to all the hearts around her.
Season: August 4 - September 6. 2-2-. Venue: Lyric Theatre

The Light in the Piazza


Pinchgut Opera 2019 Season


By Vivaldi
Season: December 4 - 10. 20-19.

2020 Season

Sp;sndour of Venice

The rich and sonorous sound world created for the splendour of St Mark;s in Venice vomes to Sydney.

Shing music for voices and brass, as glorious as the gold mosaics of St Mark's Basislica. Immerse yourself in the transcendent beato of Allegri's sublime Misere and the rich resonances of Renaissance masters Claudip Monteverdi and Giovanni Gagbrieli: the otiginal surround sound.
Season: April 26. 2020 Venue: The Great Hall University of Sydney.


Médée's passion for Jason turns to murderous fury when he shifts his attention to a younger woman. Is there anything she won't do to get revenge?
Charpenter's sendual lyicism and dramatic insight take us deep inside the minf and heart of this terrifying woman who refuses to be a victim - even at the cost of her own flesh and blood.
Season: June 18 0 23. 2020. Venue: City Recital Hall, Angel Place.




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Opera Australia
On Tour


Pinchgut Opera


The Queen of Opera in Hasse's Artaderse
Wtih Vivica Genaux, David Hansen, Emily Edmonds, Carlo Vistoli, Andrew Goodwin, Russell Harcourt.
Erin Halyard Conductor. Chas Rader-Shieber Director..
Orchestra of the Antipodes.
Season: Thursday November 19 at 7pm. Saturday December 1 at 2pm. Sunday December 2 at 5pm. Tuesday December 4 at 7pm. Wednesday December 5 at 7pm. 2018.


Bookings: Qtix 13 42 46



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Opera Australia
Bookings: 02 9318 8200

The Ring Cycle

Come on an exhilerating adventure with men and maidens, gods and fragons and swarves. As greed and violence threaten to destory the heavens and earth, a glimmer of hope rises from an unexpected source.
This Wagner's Ring Cycle - the pinnacle of opera - a 25 hour epic performed over four nights.
Enjoy a week in sunny Queensland and see a spectacular new production by visionry Chimese Director Shi-Zenk Cheng.

The Ring Cycle will be performed three times so you can choose from three cycles over a month.

The Operas

Das Rheingold

The Ring Cycle opens with this magnificent prelude.
The struggle for power and wealth Das Rheingold irrevocably alters the prder of the universe and determines the course of the entire saga.
Running time approximately two hours and 30 minutes with no interval.

Die Walküre

The second opera in the Ring Cycle holds special appeal for audiences with its dramatic power and remarkable music, including the famous Ride of the Valkyries.
In Das Walküre plunges headlong into the hughlyu emotional world of humanity.
Running time appoximately five hours and 45 minutes including two intervals of 75 and 40 minutes.


The Ring Cycle third part is intensely focused on the fortunes of a sngle figure. Siegfried charts the rise of the son of Siegmund and Sieglinfe into the greatest hero of the age.
Running time approximately six hours, including to intervals of 75 and 30 minutes.


The Ring Cycle reaches its devastating finale in Götterdämmerung's tale of treachery and destruiction. All seems lost after naked emotion betrays love, and villains outsmart heroes.
Running time: approximately six hours and 40 minutes including two intervals of 90 and 35 minutes.

Season: November 10 - December 5. 2020. Venue: Lyric Theatre Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Tickets on sale Monday - Friday 9am-5pm on 02 9318 8200 Tickets go on dale on July 2, 2019




Verdi's monumental music makes this historic epic the world's most populsr opera.

David Livermore's radiant production is a thrilling thatrical experience. Fromn the gamous Triumphal Marchto the itimate ending every scene is specatukar.
Opulent costumes and props reflect the splenmdour of Egypt at the height of its powers.
In this special Brisbane event, Francesco Lanzillotta conducts an exciting cast. Magnificent soprano Natalie Aroyan performa as the enslaved princess Aida. Elena Gabouri performs as her rival Amneris and Diego Torre as the man they both love, Radames.
Baritone Amartuvshin Enkhbat delighed audiences at the BBCCardiff Singer of the World competition in 215. He sings the commanding role of King Amonasro, the ensl;aved Ethiopean King.
A huge chorus plus 20 dancers and actgors add to the ,assed grandeue on stage.
Season:Novembr 17 - December 4. 2020. Commencing 7.30pm
Venue: Lyric Theatre. Queensland Performing Arts Centre.
Running time approximately two hours and 50 minutes.




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