Australian capital territories



ALEX Theatre St Kilda

135 Fitzroy Street
St. Kilda
Bookings: www.ticketek/com/au






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Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre






North Melbourne Town Hall
521 Queensbury St. North Melbourne
Bookings: 03 9322 3720




Arts Centre


Alter State

Will open with a launch event week this November and build the main Festival in 2022/ There will be live performances, talks and workshops celebrating contemporary disability arts in Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand).
"Alter State is more than a presentation of amazing art, it is a two-year journey of artists exploring creatively shaped by geographic locations and histories, trlling stories fro our region and delving into new approaches to access in a program that will seed and imagine diverse stories." says Wendy O'Neill, Arts Centre Melbourne's Creative Producer, Access & Includion and After State can lead.
In November 2021 After State will launch
The opening event will include two commissions - one in collaboration with the Metro Tunnel Creative Program and the other a part of the UK/Australia Season, a collaboration between the British Council and the Australian govenrment's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
further details of the event will be anounced in Septenber.







Athenaeum Theatre
Bookings: 03 9650 1500 or 132 849






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Birrarung Marr





The Burrow
83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy



The Butterfly Club
5 Carson Place (off Little Collins Street) Melbourne
Bookings: 61 3 9663 8107


Capitol Arcade
Howey Place Mebourne
Bookings: click here

Chamber Made




Chapel off Chapel

Bookings: 61 3 8290 7000





Circus Oz

Ph 136 100


Cirque Du Soleil



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Comedy Theatre

Bookings: 132 849


Costa Hall



The 86
185 Smith Street


Fairfax Studio
Bookings: 1300 182 183
Ticketmaster: 136 100.


Miss Peony

A brand new comedy for 2qat century Australia. Making its Melbourne premiere, Law's work invites audiences into the glitzy. glamorous and slightly-unhinged world of beauty pageants in a multilingual production featruing subtitiles in English, Cantomese and Simplified Chinese.
Miss Peony is the story of a second-generation Chinese-Australian woman named Lily, whose grandmither was a beauty queen back in Hong Kong. She doesn't care that times have changed that Lily lives in a new country and a new century, but sees that Lily is caight between worlds. To motivate Lily with her family's heritage, her grandmother wants her to enter the Chinese community beauty pageant, the highly competitive Miss Peony won';t take no for an answer.
Season: August 5 - 22. 2021




45 downstairs
45 Flinders Lane Melbourne
61 3 9662 9966

King Lear - The Melbourne Shakespeare Company

Season: July 29 - August 1. 2021 Book tickets HERE
Digital Seaon Book tickets HERE


Bookings: 61 3 9699 3253.

Hamer Hall
Bookings: 1300 182 183


Her Majesty's Theatre

Hisense Arena
Olympic Boulevard Richmond.
Bookings: 132 849


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2 Manor Grove North Caulfield
Bookings: 03 0429 3004

The Lawler
Southbank Theatre
Bookings: 03 8688 0800


La Mama

Bookings:61 3 9347 6142


I have to report some very sad news inasmuch as recently La Mama had a very bad fire and was completely destroyed. The forthcoming shows at La Mama will be transferred to otther venues and when notification is forwarded Pktheatre will keep in touch.


La Mama Courthouse

La Mama for Kids

La Mama Musica


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Malthouse Theatre

Bookings: 61 3 9685 5111.

Malthouse Theatre advises that it is temporarily Closed.









story of  

Tower Theatre


Artist-Curated Events


Extra Events



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Margaret Court Arena

The MC Showroom
Unit 1/ 48 Clifton St. Prahran
Bookings: www.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions all ticketed events have been postponed until further notice.

Meat Market Stables
3 Blackwood St.




Mechanic's Institute
270 Sydney Rd. Brunswick


Melbourne French Theatre

203 -205 Canning St. Carlton
Bookings: 61 3 9349 2250


Melbourne Recital Centre
Southbank Boulevard, Southbank


ElizabElizabeth Murdoch Hall


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Melbourne Shakespeare Company






Melbourne Theatre Company

Bookings: 1300 136 166



Metanoia Theatre
270 Sydney Road Brunswick
Bookings: 61 3 9387 3376


Palais Theatre

136 100


The Who's Tommy

Get ready to rock as the Austgralian premiere of The Who's Tommy takes over Melbourne's rocj n' roll stompning ground from February 22 - March 1. 2022.
The Who's Tommy is a one -of-a-kind theatrical experience featuring a powerhouse soundtrack with music and lyrics by The Who's guitarist and vocalist Pete Townshend. This high-octane musical scooped up numerous awards including five Tony Awards, four Drma Desl Awards, three Olivier Awards and a Grammy.


SeasonL Tuesday February 22- 7.30pm 2022

Wednesday February 23 - 7.30pm 2022

Thursday February 24 - 7.3-pm 2022

Friday February 25 - 7.30pm 2022

Saturday February 26 - 1pm. 2022

Saturday February 26 - 7.30pm 2022

Monday February 28 - 7.30pm 2022

Tuesday February March 1 - 7.30pm 2022

Venue: Palais Theatre. St Kilda


The Pavilion


Arts Centre Melbourne


A German Life

A German Life is an extraprdinary theatrical tour-de-force from three titans of the theatre - Australia's finest stage performer Robyn Nevin in an astonidhing play by Christopher Hampton, directed by stage luminary Neil Armfield.
In the Australian Premiers of this highly demanding 90 minute solo triumph, robyn Nevin plays Brunhilde Pomsel, an unassuming woman with good shorthand skills who, almost by chance, came to work in Joseph Goebbel's Propaganda Ministry.
Pomsel struggled to ,ake ends meet as a secretary in Berlin during the 1930s, her many employers including a Jewish insurance broker, the German Broadcasting Corporation - eventually Goebels-before she emerged from the rubble of Hitler's bunker waving a white pillowcase to the approaching Russoan troops in April 1945.
Innocent or culpable? That's the question at the heart of Christopher Hampton's searching play, which was compiled from testimony of the then 103 year-old for the 2014 documentary A German Life. One of the last actively involved witnesses t the rise and fall and the aftermath of the Third Reich, Brunhilde is intelligent and likable, honest and credible. She doesn't hide her youthful ignorance at that regime's atrocities, her awe at finding herself at the heart of power, nor does she show any false remorse. Her refusal to think too hard about what was going on and focus instead on her own life, rauses cinfronting questions for contemporary audiences. As sdocial datastrophe creeps closer and inly united action can stop it, how doe we recognse that moment?
Season: July 21 - August 13. 2021


Fantastic Mr Fox

Roald Dahl's much-loved Fantastic Mr Fox leaps off the page and onto the Playhouse stage at Arts Centre Melbourne in a 'jaw-droppingly" visuially-spectacular, critically acclaimed production for the whole family.
Mr Fox lives in the wood, under a hole, under a big tree with Mrs Fox and their small Fox family. Every night, Mr Fox leaves the hole to stealk food from three farmers - Bogga, Bunce and Bean - one fat,. one short, one lean.
The greedy farmers concoct a plan to catch Mr Fox, buit no-one outfoxes a fox. When Mr Fox needs to save his family ande friends, he'll go to any length, sbove or undergound, to outwit these humans.
Season: December 1 - 4/ 2021



The National Institute of Circus Arts

Bookings: 61 3 9214 6974

Audition Dates & Venues

NIA holds auditions at the training facilities in Prahran and at partner organisations in cities around Australia depending on demand. After submitting an application , if you meet the entry requirements, you will receive an invitation to audition at one of the following audition venues.

Melbourne (Vic) September 18 or 19 at NICA

Laundeston (Tas) September 21 at Slipstream Circus.

Brisbane (Qld) September 25 at Flipside Circus

Millumbumby (NSW) September 27 at Spakhetti Circus.

Canberra (ACT) September 39 at Warehouse Circus

Fremantle (WA) October 4 at CircusWA.

Sydney (NSW) October 6 - 7 at Aerialize.

NICA will automatically allocate you to the closest audition venue based on your application information. If you'd like to audition domewhere further from your home or by video, just let NICA know. NICA understands that government restrictions may impact your ability to attenf the auditions at such short notice.



Get started by submitting an application to study the Cert IV or Bachelor through the Swinbourne University of Technology portal

Apply Now!


Download a preview of the NICA Auditon Pack so that you can start preparing for your audition today. Don't be alarmed if you can't perform all these skills yet. We are looking for your potential as a circus performer.


Preview the Audition Pack


Frequently asked questions:
How do I choose my speciality skill area?
Bachelor degree students choose two specialities. Certificate IV students select one speciality. Opportunities to research ad try a range of circus specialities are provided for all year levels. Students choose specialities based on their physical capacity, level of skill and the availability of staff and equipment

Does NICA offer bridging couirses for dancers or athletes who would like to transition to a career in circus?

For dancers, gymnasts, perormers or athletes who want to explore circus and prepare to study full-time at NICA they offer advanced short courses and private tuition. Visit the NICA website for more information.

What does a typical day at NICA involve?
A full-time student will usually start their training day with a serious warm-up. This will be followed by a good burst of tumbling, handstands and flexibility, before a solid session of group acts and partner work, manipulation and aerial. Later in the day, students will work for an hour on each of their specialities and will even find time for a performance of circus history and culture class. The day will typically end with some stretching, and/or strength and conditionig.

Does NICA offer representation for its graduates?
Many graduates and circus professionals are represented by CircaNICA, Australia;s leading agency for professional circus performers.

Contact NICA on 61 3 9214 6975
Mailing address: National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) PO Box 1277 Windsor Victoria 3181 Australia.


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The Owl and Cat


Dear reader, 

A lot of electro swing, drinking & theatre making later... the time has come to close the doors on the old haunted house style theatre venue (with terrible signage. I know!) on swan street. Thomas & I got a crazy idea & we ran with it. 50 or so shows later - that crazy idea has grown into what I like to believe is now a key part of the Melbourne theatre scene.

I have had the joy of watching SO many artists grow & gain opportunities & experience, what a gift! The thank you letters & messages from artists who wouldn't be were they are now if it wasn't for something we did or said or simply enabled them to do, are enough to make my life complete. From musicians to set designers to actors & visual artists. The Owl & Cat Theatre has become known & appreciated as a space of equality, acceptance, & artistic expression. It's a home to fearlessness & compassion & heaps & heaps of dust. I have seen audiences filled with awe & inspiration & genuine insight. All of THAT I would pay twice for then again & again & even over once more. 

In the coming year we will continue our production partnership with our Alaskan family at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska & we will continue to push boundaries & support new playwrights in different locations. I don't know where the wind will take us just yet but I am excited to find out. I look to MKA as inspiration in this challenging time & I look to all the people that gathered around 2 crazy kids fresh out of a drama degree who wanted to make new theatre. Thank you to those people. The ones who kept the space alive this long. (I tried to write a list of names & this paragraph actually got out of h& - you know who you are - I love you) 

I am honored that I was given this experience & I urge you too remember this at this time - I will remember it too.. we are not a building .. we are artists who work together to tell stories, stories that help people to understand themselves & others more. Theatre has an amazing ability to bring people together & that can't be taken away. 

The Owl & Cat will continue to make theatre, & continue to try new ideas fearlessly, we will continue to make art that tackles anything head on & continue to take submissions. Stay updated via our website -

I'm incredibly proud of so so so many things we have created over the years like ORGASM, Boys Club, Tinder Box, Erasers, Bordello, killers, RIOT, our sets, The Main Stage seasons, giving poetry nights a venue & hosting friends parties.. oooh baby our parties (they are always great let's be honest!). Just to name a few. I am chuffed that playwrights flew across the globe to see their work on our little concrete stage from the USA & LONDON. 

What I am most proud of though- is something that we can continue from any space. I am so proud that we take the time to consider everyone. Thomas would read scripts for weeks on end literally weeks - all day every day just reading play after play to ensure all the writers who bothered to submit got a fair go, he would demand world premieres even if they don't sell because writers need a chance. I would sit for hours to watch every actor who registered to audition with an open mind no matter what school they went too or experience they had. I remember the rejection emails as a younger actor. & I do understand the time & financial restraints from the other side of it- but that's why I am proud. We did it anyway. Why? Because we love theatre & we know what it is like to fight for what you believe in. The fight can't be easy or it's dull - but you need someone to give you water ringside right? When the people, who wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to try, did with us... & then they succeeded... man... let me tell you, that is better than any drug on this earth. 

A little bit of my heart will stay on Swan Street... BUT no matter where the Owl & Cat's home is - I have no doubt that this spirit of acceptance; innovation & joy will follow us there. 

As Catherine Holder & Carolyn Dawes (Who have been integral to the longevity of this whole operation to date) reminded me on my birthday... 'if you build it they will come'. 

I will keep building & I hope you will come. 

STAY TUNED.... meow.... 


Gabrielle Savrone

Mistress of The Owl & Cat Theatre  



Palms at Crown
Bookings: 1300 795 012

The Pavilion at Docklands
Bookings: Ticketmaster 136 1



Placeta Theatre
Bookings: 61 3 9905 1111


Plenary Theatre
Bookings: 136 100


Poppy Seed Theatre Festival


Q44 Theatre
1st Floor 550 Swan Street Ricmond


Red Stitch Actors

ings: Bookings: 61 3 9533 8083


A Simple Act of Kindness

A brutal comedy about family, sex, betrayal and real estate. Set in Melbourne, 2020.
Julie and Bryan are successful Melbourne baby boomer parents. They loan Sophie and Greg $150K to get into the housing market. They are “family”, but in reality they know nothing about each other. This transaction sets off a series of interactions that expose the terminal cracks in their conventional family unit.
A Simple Act of Kindness is a hilarious family drama that smartly investigates the transactional nature of relationships and in the context of rampant 21st century capitalism. Written throughout 2020, A Simple Act of Kindness is an intelligent and funny play that is raucous, full of music, and full of love…
Season: November 3 - December 12. 2021

Regent Theatre
Bookings: 1300 111 011


Regent Theatre Update

\One of Melboune's most iconic landmarks, the Regent Theatre, will re-open its doors to the public in January 2020 , revealing a major refurbishment of the much-loved auditorium, foyers and amenities..
|Working in collaboration with Heritage Victoria, and closely with a team of renowned achitects, theatre designers, specialist builders, expert trades and craft people - and the knowledge and experience of the theatre operators Marriner Group - this $19.4 million refurbishment has been three years in the planning and eight months in construction. The refurbishment has been undertaken as a partnership between the Victorian State Government, the City of Melbourne and Marriner Group. The Regent will reopen with the internationall theatrical event War Horse (see beloe), followed by the insoring Billy Elliot the Musical. These productions follow in the footsteps of some of the woprld's most prestigious theatrical events to be hosted at the Regent, including Sunset Boulevard, Wicked, Love Never Dies, Singin' in the Rain and The Lion King. to name a few.
The refurbishment undertaken throughout 2019 will ensutre the theatre continuies to be one of Melbourne's cultural icons anf a world-class live performance venue for generations to come.

Some ofthe works underaken included:
Construction od a 4-metre extension to the Dress Circle balcony, bringing the audience and performers closer together.
Installation of brand new comforble seating, retaining the luxuriousness and cinema-style charm of the old chairs and a 170 new leather chairs in the Dress Circle. The refurbishment will also ensure improved views of the stage from every seat in the theare.
Tha bars and foyers have been upgraded and additional ladies bathrooms, ensuring the best amenity og any theatre and
Painstaking and extensive repair and restoration of the ornate plasterwork and the grand and glittering crystal chandelier in the auditorium has undegone a full restoration.
Refurbishment by number:
4 metre balconey extension
32,000 metres of cabling
102 tonnes of steel
6,400 square metres of carpet
3,700 individual crystals cleaned, polished and rewired in the chandelier
10.5 tonnes of olaster casting
192 new seats coloser to the stage.




Rod Laver Arena
Bookings: 132 849


State Theatre
Bookings: 1300 182 183

The Lighthouse

Esteemed Children's Theatre company PATCH THEATRE is set to illuminate Arts Centre Melbourne's State Theatre stage with their award-winning light and sound eonderful The Lighthouse.
Part installation, part scientific quest, part rave; The Lighthouse is an immersive performance beckoning young people and adults to explore the endless wonders of that fundamental force of nature, light.
Through its innovative use of light, sound, perspective and reflection, the promenade performance encourages the audience to engage and experiment at every turn. As they are guided throiugh a deries of interactive and interconnected rooms, audiences embark on a journey to discoverLight's awe-inspiring properties. While some spaces are filled with intimate vignettes, other rooms are bursting with grand lighting marvels.
Season: July 6 -10. 2021. July 16 & 17, 2021 Tine: 9.30am - 6pm. New session every 20 minutes. Season duration 60 minutes
For more onformation visit

Sidney Myer Music Bowl


Live at the Bowl

Over four incredible months, Arts Centre Melbourne's Live at the Bowl festival has helped reinvigorate Victoria's performing arts sector providing $27 million injection to the Vicdtorian economy, attracting nearly 100,000 people to the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl to witness 1,357 local artists bacj on stage where they belong.
One of the foundations if success for the festival was partnerships and collaboration. The Bowl was configured into a COVID -19 safe venue, enabling sector-wide programming for audiences tha would not have otherwide been possible.
As the largest outdoor ampitheatre in Australia, health and safety were also at the forefront of transforing the Bowl into a COVID-19 Safe space. The main lewn of the Bowl was fitted with purpose built private decks where every audience member had the best seats in the house, seperated safely from others, resulting in 98% of ticket buyers feeling safe and comfortable when attending a performance.




Bookings: 136 100 & 61 3 9650 1500.


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Bookings: 61 3 9534 3388

Trades Hall - |
New Council Chambers
Cnr Victoria St. & Lygon St. Carlton
Bookings: 136 100



Tuxedo Cat
17 - 23 Will St. Melbourne



Space 28 VCA Drama

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The Arcadia
Entertainment Quarter , Moore Park

Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Live to open inMelbourne May 2020.

Conceived and co-directed by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is a thrilling, sexy live dance and acrobatic spectacular based on the hit movies Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. Magic Mike Live will begin its strictly limited run in a brand new, bespoke venue at Birrarung Marr in Melbopurne on May 26. Equal parts empowering and exhilerating, Magic Mike Live is one of the most unique, immersive live-entratainment experiences in the world.
"The movies did so amazingly here, we knew we had to figure out how to raise our game to do something this audience would love," said creator and director Channing Tatum. It took a few years for it to all come together but... man... did it come together. We have something plsnned for Australia that is going to blow your minds.
Channing is referreing not only to the show, which will pull together all the best aspects of the other three productions around the world, but also to the one-of-a-kind venue that the Magic Mike Live team has dreamt up for Australia. In cooperation with Het Spiegelpaleis in Belgium, the production has created the world's largest Spiegeltent, The Arcadia. Named after the mythical utopia, The Arcadia is a beautiful two story. fully-customized 600-seat venue where every seat, every finish, every detail has been meticulously curated by Channing anf the Magic Mike Live creative team especially for the women of Australia.
With a two-story glass lobby, beautiful custom bars, a mini food hall, an indoor/outdoor lounge area and a special photo gallery curated by Channing, the venue becomes a character in this unparralleled evening of sultry entertainment. With a cast of 20 world class performers and 15 of the most talented mae dancers in the world, Magic Mike Live unfilds in front of, behind and above the audience eveloping patrons in an unfergettable, 360 degree, whirlwind of dance, comedy and exraordinary acrobatics.
Magic Mike Live guests must be at least 18 years to attend.
Booking and Season: Venue: The Arcadia. entertainment CentreMoore Park
From Thursday November 19. 2020.
Times: Tuesday & Wednesday at 7pm.
Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 8.30pm
Sunday t 5pm & 7.30pm.
Bookings: or 1300 795 267
Group Bookings: 10 or more. or1300 889 278.

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Acer Arena Sydney
Olympic Boulevard Olympic Park


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ANZ Stadium Sydney






Belvoir St. Theatre
Bookings: 61` 2 9699 3444





Belvoir St. Downstairs Theatre
Booking: 61 2 9699 3444



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Bondi Pavilion Theatre
Bookings: 1300 241 167


Capitol Theatre

Bookings: 1300 723 038


Civic Theatre





The Concourse





Concert Hall
Sydney Opera House
Bookings: 61 2 8215 4600


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Darling Theatre ICC




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Darlinghurst Theatre Company
Bookings: 61 2 8356 9987

Drama Theatre S.O.H
Bookings: 61 2 9250 1777


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Enmore Theatre


Griffin Theatre
Stables Theatre
Bookings: 1300 308 776
61 2 9361 3817



Special Extras

Griffin Theatre is thrilled to announce playwright, director and dramaturge Declan Greene as the next Artistic director of the company.
The first playwright to be appointed to the position in nearly 20 years, Declan'd creative practice is closely aligned with the company's ethos of creative risk taking and courageous playwriting. Griffin is Australia's leading new writing theatre. dedicated tonurturing Australian playwrights and bringing ambitious, bold and urgent Australian plays from page to stage

2021 Season

50 Years of the Stables

2020 marks the 50th birthday of Griffin's home the Stables Theatre. Griffin will be celebrating all year long with a range of special programs and events that Griffin hopes you'll love.
Paly Readings:
Revisit seminal works from the Stables' 50 year canon. this series of staged play readings across 2020 will celebrate important Australian works, many of which made their debut on the Stables stage. The readings will be brought to life by some of Austrtalia's finest directors, with several cast members reprising their iconic roles.
Cive into the history of the Stables in this special monthly podcasts series, You'll expore the history of the iconic building, delve into the many exciting and formative qrks performed on the Stables stage, and hear from some of the country's most celebrated artists including tommy Murphy, Anna Volska and Ros Horin.
The Stables at Sydney Festival"
Griffen will commorate the 50 years of the Stables celebration with a special panel about the journey of play to screen at Sydney Film Festival, June 3- 14. 2020
Stables Archive:
Austage and Griffin are teaming up to build a complete online archival record of every show ever performed at the Stables. this will be your encyclopaedic one-stop-shop for information on playwrights, productions, peformers and creatives.

Special Extras

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Joan Sutherland Theatre
Sydney Opera House




Lyric Theatre Star City
Bookings: 1300 795 267






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Newcastle Entertainment Centre


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Old Fitzroy Theatre
129 Dowling St. Woolloomooloo
Bookings 1300 307 264


Sydney Independent Theatre Company


Sydney Opera Hoiuse
Bookings: 02 9250 7777 or 136 100


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Qudos Bank Arena





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Riverina Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 6931 9466


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Roslyn Packer Theatre



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State Theatre
Bookings: 136 100



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Sydney Allphones Arena
Ph 132 849


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Sydney Entertainment Centre
Bookings: 136 100


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Opera House





Sydney Theatre
Bookings: 61 2 9250 1777


Bookings: 1300 364 001


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The Star Theatre



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Theatre Royal
Bookings: 1300 723 038


The Studio

atyp Studio 1
Pier 4/5

Wharf 1
Bookings:9250 1777


Wharf 2
Bookings: 61 2 9250 1777


WIN Entertainment Centre Wollongong




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Anywhere Theatre Festival 2018


Queensland Theatre



BiBille Brown StudioBlle Brown Studio
Bille Brown Theatre

ph. QTIX 136 246


First Casuality

Afghanistan 2011, Our Australian Soldiers, A War No-one Wins.

Welcome to the remote Combat Outpost Mirage, home to eight Aussie Diggers mired in our longest war. From this tiny fortification overlooking a bgeautiful valley on the forbidding mountains of Afghaniatn's Uruzgan province, Captain Trent Kelly and his men have a lot to deal with. When thwy aren't mentoring a platoon from the Afghan National Army, they're patrolling for Taliban insurgents, negotiating with a powerful local warlord, or simply making it through another day a long way from home.
Written by a serving soldier and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, First Casuality is a debut play like no other. It's an authentic account of the real lves of Australian troops at war - the triumphs and the tragtedies, the strains and the sacrifices, the pressure and the release. There's tension, occasional explosions of violence, and humorl but at its heart First Casuality is about the friendship of sopldiers who have given up so much for their country.
This is not an anti-war story. This is not a pro-war story. this is a story of soldiers - the sons, the husbands, the fathers, the people we love.
Seaon: March 12 - Apoil 9. 2022

Don't Ask Me What the Bird Looked Like

A gently funny, almost gothic tale abourt land, family and reconnection:

Joan needs her father. She hasn't seen him sinde he left her and her Mum when she was just a litle girl. She wants history, she wantsd to know more about who she is. Dhe travels a long way into country as remote as it is stange to this city firl. Che finda Mick, a man who doesn't speak much, and who bears little resemblence to ther man who taught her to play Scrabble all those years ago.
But amid the flies, the heat, the dust and the stillness of this small river town, lurk many ghosts and mysteries. Over cups of tea and Scrabble in Mick's weatherbeaten old house, Joan is about to discover some family secrets that have been hidden below the surface for decades.

With a light touch of humour and a philosophical undercurrent, don't ask me what the bird looked like is an intimate work from an exciting new First Nations voice - a heart-warming meditation on the search for identiy aned belongiong.
Season: April 30 - May 14. 2022.


To Be, Or Not To Be... Theatre Star Sarah Bernhardt Absoultely Will Be:

It's Paris in 1899, and star of the stage Sarah Bernhardt has set herlights on playing Hamlet. Too old to play the ingenue and to bored to play the star roles written for women, the diva needs a genuine crows-pleaser to save her debt-ridden theatre. What better work than Shakespeare's finest play? An who better to take on the greatest part ever witten than the geatest actress of the cntury?
Tradionlists are horrified - a woman playing the sacred role of the Prince of Denmark> It's at best a gimmick and at worst an unnatural upending of the status quo. As Sarah and her players delve into what makes Hamlet tock, the whole sity os watching and waiting to see whether this bld plan will be her legacy or her folly.

A vivid real-life backstage story by American playwright Thomas Rebeck, Bernhardt/Hamlet is a fast-moving, audacious comedy about a 19th century woman issuing a chalenge to the system that still resonates today/
Season> May 28 - June 18. 2022.

The Almighty Sometimes

How do you tell the difference between care and control?

Anna has ben on medication for so long she can;t remember who she is wothout it. All she knows is that once, as a little girl, she was a prodigious writing talent, in possession of a thrilling imagination. Has this been lost to yerars of pills and prescriptions?
Now 18 Anna is cetermined to find out, and the possibilies are endless. Could she go to university? Could she have a boyfriend, maybe? Could she even write a work of undeniable genius?
Her mother Renee has always tried to keep Anna safe, taking care, editing he shoices, enjoying the relative calm, Renee can'rt bear to watch her daighter gp through the anguish again.
Season: August 13 - September 3. 2022.


Shakespeare's classic tale of jealousy, betrayal and revenge lands in the Torres Strait.

The Imperial Japanese Navy bears south toward Far North Queensland and the bold Captain Othello and his battalion are all that stand in their way. Off the battlefields,m Othello's life is just as turbelant. He has sevretly married the daughter of a welathy cane farmer. Her spurned suitor Roderigo joind forces with the envious Iago in a sinister plot to bring down the remouned military hero.

This tri-lingulal (Kala Lagaw, Yumple Tok and English) production, thringly re-imagined by Jimi Bani and Jason Klarein, illumintesthe vital role of the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion duriong World War II. More than 800 Torres Strait Islanders signed up to protect the northern tip of Australia, including Jimi Bani's great grnadfather, the late Ephraim Bani Snr and his grandfather, the late solomon Gela.

Infusing the narrative of Othello with the history of the battalion brings together twoi powerful artistic cultures - Shakespeare and Wagadagam - creating an utterly distinctib=ve theatre experiencer.
Season: September 10 - October 1. 2022.


A wild Road-trip romance through the heartland of America:

Saigon has fallen. Helicopter filot Quang and strong-willed Tong have both narrowly escaped the end of the Vietnam War and find themsleves in a new and seeply strange country.

Thrown together in the arrival camp in Arkansas, they must navigatge a mystifying dustland of rednecks, bikers and cowboys. tong wants to make a fresh start in the land of opportunity, while Quang just wants to get home. but what if the spark growing to ignitr?

With in-your-face ninja action and oulse-pounding hip-hop music, Qui Ngyun's Vietgone is an inventive and genre-bending live-action theatrical cartoon - an irrevernt, pulp fiction-style take on the love story that may (or may not) have led toi his own birth.
Season: October 28 - November 19/ 2022

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Brisbane Convention Centre


Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Bookings: 132 849




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Brisbane Powerhouse

Bookings: 61 7 3358 8600


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Concert Hall GPAC
Bookings: 136 246



Cremorne Theatre

Bookings: 136 246.


King George Square
Bookings: 1300 364 001


Bookings: 136 246



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Bookings: QTIX136246


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Nick and his wife Honey are new in town and accept an invitation to an intimate afterparty at the home f George and Martha. As the spirits flow and the conversation grows ominous, the four find themselves locked in a cruel sparring match with a hidden agenda. In the small hours of the night, this boozy gathering becomes a frenzy of savage insultsk spiteful mind games and wicked humiliatons.
By the time the sun rises, all secrets will be laid bare, and none of them will be the same again.
Season: February 12 - 26. 2022.

The Sunshine Club

Swing into the Sunshine Club where everyone os welcome and romances bloom.

It's the summer of 194 and the war is over. Aboriginal soldier Frank doyle haqs spent years fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with troops from all over Australia but when he steps onto the Berisbane wharf he finds some things haven't changed. But Frank knows how to fight for his cuntry.
It's been a long war and Frank just wants a better life - the simple pleasure of music and laughter, a place where he can dance with Rose, the beautiful next door. Filled with hope and defiance, Frank sets up his own ballroom, The Sundhine Club, where enverone os invited to meet, mingle and swing the night away.
Queensland Theatre audiences first dell in love with The Sunshine Club in 1999. The First Nation artists behind it are now household names. Just when the world needs a beacon of hope, this glorious musical classic is here to leave you grinning and tapping your toes.
|Season: July 9 - 30. 2022.

Studio 2 - The Greenhouse


Centre of Contmporary Arts


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Cairns Convention Centre

The Ten Tenors

Australia's premier vocal group The TEN Tenors are bursting back onto stages across Australia this July with a special 25th Anniversary tour-their biggest ever.
Following a sold-out tour of Brazil in March 2020, the highly revered grou[ are eagerly waiting to connect wiith fans old and new, with a show thzt revisits the full history if the group's catalogue of 15 albus and over 4000 live oerformances.
Season: Saturday July 10, 2021

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The Beatles 50 Years On

Recreating the music of The Beatles &Beatlemania.
Come and relive all the Beatles Classic hits on one sensational two hour concert experience presented by the world's Premier Beatles' Band. The Sensational Beatle Boys.
Season: Friday February 19. 2021. Venue open 6.30pm doors open 7pm, Show time 7.30pm

Anh Do - The Happoest Refugee Live!!

Anh Do's best selling book The Happiest Refugee has made readers laugh and cry, and was described by Russell Crowe as "the most suprising and inspiring read I have had in years." Anh's stage show takes it a step further, combining stand up comedy with real life stories, photos and filmed pieces to retell his amazing story.
Season: Wednesdaqy March 10. 2021 Showtime 8pm.


The Best of the Bee Gees with Colin ''Smiley" Petersen

The Best of the Bee Gees brings a catalogue of mega-hitsand first-hand stories from original Bee Gees drummer Colin "Smiey: Petersen.
The earliest non-Gibband fourth band member, Colin was essential to the Bee Gees sound, driving the evolution of this Super Group on stage and the studio.
Season: Saturday March 13, 2021





Rondo Theatre Cairns





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Tanks Art Centre



The Black Sorrows

IN the wake of Joe Camilleri's 49th album, Citizen John, The Black Sorrows are one of Australia's most prolific and enduringly popular bands renowned for their high-energy shows, musicianship and infectuous rootsy rhythms.
Season: Thursday Mardh 4 and Friday March 5. 2021






Twelfth Night Theatre

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Gold Coast


The Star




Adelaide Convention Centre




Adelaide Festival






Adelaide Entertainment Centre ph. 132 849







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Adelaide Fringe Festival



Australian Performing Arts Market


Amy Hit Theatre

Bakehouse Theatre
Bookings: 61 8447 6211

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The Cedars
Heysen Rd Hahndorf


Dunstan Playhouse
Bookings Bass 131246


Festival Theatre
Bookings: 61 8 8205 2220


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Her Majesty's
Bookings: 131 246




Holden Street Theatre Hindmarsh
Bookings: 131 246


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Space Theatre
Bookings: Bass 131 246.


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The Barton



The Phoenix @ Masonic Lodge, Gluttony






Theatre Royal
Bookings: 61 3 6233 2299


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The Ship That Never Was
Bookings: 61 3 6471 7700

The Ship That Never Was

Tasmanina's longest running play The Ship That Never Was based on a real event in 1834 when the last ship built at the convict settlement at Macquarie Harbour was about to sail for the new prison at Poet Arthur but was hijacked by 10 convict shipwrights.
So begins the story of an amazing escape, an extraordinary voyage and an intriguing twist in the tale of The Ship That Never Was.
The play tells the dramatic and hilarious true story of the Great Edcape from Sarah Island! delightful family entertainment not to be missed.
Advance bookings are necessary for all grouops. The play is approxiamately one hour and is performed every day at 5.30pm and from December 27th to January 26th at 5. 30 pm and 8.30pm.


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Derwent Entertainment Centre


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Black Swan Theatre
Bookings: 61 8 9484 1133


Burswood Theatre
Bookings: 1300 552 072


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Cirque du Soliel
Bookings: 132 849

Crown Theatre
Bookings: 132 849





His Majesty's
Bookings: 1300 795 012





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Perth Arena
Bookings: 132 849

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Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre



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RAC Arena






Regal Theatre
Bookings 132 849

Riverside Theatre PCEC
Bookings: 132 849




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Sandalford Estate Swan Valley
Bookings: 132 849

Bookings: 1300 34 001



Australian capital territories


Bookings: 61 2 6275 2700 & 1800 802 025

A German Life

A German Life is an extraprdinary theatrical tour-de-force from three titans of the theatre - Australia's finest stage performer Robyn Nevin in an astonidhing play by Christopher Hampton, directed by stage luminary Neil Armfield.
In the Australian Premiers of this highly demanding 90 minute solo triumph, robyn Nevin plays Brunhilde Pomsel, an unassuming woman with good shorthand skills who, almost by chance, came to work in Joseph Goebbel's Propaganda Ministry.
Pomsel struggled to ,ake ends meet as a secretary in Berlin during the 1930s, her many employers including a Jewish insurance broker, the German Broadcasting Corporation - eventually Goebels-before she emerged from the rubble of Hitler's bunker waving a white pillowcase to the approaching Russoan troops in April 1945.
Innocent or culpable? That's the question at the heart of Christopher Hampton's searching play, which was compiled from testimony of the then 103 year-old for the 2014 documentary A German Life. One of the last actively involved witnesses t the rise and fall and the aftermath of the Third Reich, Brunhilde is intelligent and likable, honest and credible. She doesn't hide her youthful ignorance at that regime's atrocities, her awe at finding herself at the heart of power, nor does she show any false remorse. Her refusal to think too hard about what was going on and focus instead on her own life, rauses cinfronting questions for contemporary audiences. As sdocial datastrophe creeps closer and inly united action can stop it, how doe we recognse that moment?
Season: May 11 - 16. 2021.





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Royal Theatre

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